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  1. **Updated** SleepEnabler for 10.6.5

    For all of you with instant wake problems after sleep, try the attached kext to your s/l/e. Make sure to back up your previous one. This kext correctly forced my usb devices to goto sleep. Before adding this kext, the internal memory card reader (running on usb) was waking up the computer. IOUSBFamily.kext.zip
  2. Any love for AMD cool-n-quiet in this bootloader? PS. wheres the boot file? <---- Noob question
  3. VIA VT1708S 5.1 in 10.6

    Try the fast method. Also repair your permissions/cache with pfix. If my voodoohda.kext doesnt work, keep trying different ones until it does. Thast what I did. I have sound, menu slider, change in volume, all working on my vt1708s Amd Mainboard m4a78l-m Snow leopard 10.6.4
  4. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    Not for me, reboots like crazy. I get the exact same error with asere. Only Chamelon rc2 to rc4 works. Was there something changed after rc4? Anyone have this loader or asere working with amd? Link is down. Could we have more details on the download. Thanks
  5. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    Does this bootloader work with amd architecture? Has anyone with an amd machine been able to use this bootloader? It's not working for me (it looks for dsdt.aml and I dont have one). Any tips for amd users? Right now I'm using cameleon rc4 v3 from dr.hurt and it works pretty good. AMD 630 x4 2.8 ghz 2g ddr2 800 sb710 chipset
  6. VIA VT1708S 5.1 in 10.6

    Hehe solved thanks to Leichenfresser who put me on the right track. My sound works with the menu slider and keyboard slider working. Steps Below. Slow way (but definitely works): 1) Go here http://osx86.net/f7/volume-control-issue-t6092/ and do post #5 - This will get your menu slider moving (but volume doesnt change). Dont worry one step at a time. 2) Go here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...83321&st=40 and install the voodoohda.kext from post #58 - Now your menu slider completely works and your volume is changeable 3) go here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...83321&st=40 and do post #126 - This will fix your keyboard's volume controls among probably many other things as-well. or, Fast way (shoud work - somone please test it for me): 1. open marvins amd utility 2. enter password 3. select create patcher package 4. browse /system/library 5. run 6. goto the 'amd.patch.folder' on your desktop and copy 'patches' folder to the root of your HD 7. Edit patches/cpuid.txt and remove all lines regarding files stored in /System/Library/Extensions and lines regarding FrontRow.app (*thanks Leichenfresser*) 8. restart the computer and boot into single user mode by typing -s (tap tab twice when you see the bootloader/lizard). Enter the below commands /sbin/mount -uw / cd /patches/ ./replace.sh ./patcher ./cpuid.txt reboot 9. Install the attached modified voodoohda 2.61 kext which correctly links pcm to volume 10. Reboot again Thats it, let me know if it works for you guys. I dont know if the attached voodoohda kext has all the features from the previous posts but its the only one that allows volume adjustment. Feel free to modify the attached voodoohda further if need be. VoodooHDA_261_HP_HDX18.kext.zip
  7. VIA VT1708S 5.1 in 10.6

    And how do you that? Do you need to use marvins amd utility?
  8. DVD Drive Crashes

    I had a similar issue with my 2 IDE dvd drives hooked up to sb710 chipset. I fixed it by using a brand new pata cable and set the first drive to cable select and the second drive to slave. I also installed these additional kexts to my extras folder: 1. AHCIportinjector.kext 2.ATAportinjector.kext 3.IOAHCIblockstorageinjector.kext 4.JmicronATAinjectork.kext Im not sure what fixed it. I suggest first swapping out the PATA cable (use a new one or the one that came with your MB). If that doesnt work, set one as cable select, and the other as slave. if that doesnt work, install the kexts above. Conclusion: I have two IDE dvd-rw drives working perfect with snow leopard 10.6.3 SB710 chipset Hard drives are connected via SATA
  9. Itunes crashes on Snow install

    This solution worked with itunes 9.2 Thanks buddy!