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  1. JaS 10.4.6 Install dvd

    Hi all I have exactly the same problem, and even the same values on registry when I crash. I am using a Xeon SSE2 CPU, Radeon 9600 GPU. Everything was working great on my previous 10.4.3 install. Any help is welcome. Thanks.
  2. The link is broken, can somebody post a link to the last version of the patch? Thanks.
  3. Kernel & Version Questions

    Could you please post a download link to the JaS 8F1111A Generic Patch v4.2 ? The link on maxxuss site is down. Thanks
  4. 1111a SSE3 No NX/DX PPF Patcher

    Hi. Does this patch contains the latest kernel from maxxuss found here? http://win2osx.net/forum/showthread.php?t=2122 thanks
  5. Thank you for your answer. It is strange, because I had no problem with 8F1099 and even with 10.4.1 Is somebody working on a more stable patch for 8F1111? Will it be released soon? thanks
  6. hello, I have the same problem, 8F1099 worked fine, but 8F1111 randomly crash during installation, is there a solution for this problem? i'm using a dual Xeon 1.7GHz SSE2 system. thanks
  7. Hi. I used this patch to patch my .iso but when I try to install the systel, I get a kernel panic just after the language choice, or sometimes during the installation. I have a dual Xeon 1.7GHz. Is there a solution? 8F1099 is currently installed on my HD. Thanks.
  8. Localize the installation

    be careful, if you change the language, some apps won't run after. I installed the french package, and at least one application didn't run (activity monitor) To fix this, go to system preference, international, and put enflish at the top of the prefered manguage list.
  9. A kinda wish list :)

    I think that for a wish list, the very first thing is to make some video drivers, at least to be able to change the screen resolution and refresh rate.
  10. ATI Radeon 9600 Pro Mobility

    I undid the changes I made, and now my ethernet doesn't work...
  11. ATI Radeon 9600 Pro Mobility

    in fact, before doing anything, my card was already seen as AGP. So, I don't need to do anything to the AppleI386PCI.kext? In the Radeon8500.kext, there is already a list of device looking similar to mine (mine is 0x54571002) so I think it's not so bad to add mine there. I just exchange my video card, swap my 7500 for my 9800, my mac booted once, but without PCI support (the AppleI386PCI.kext was not loaded) but my card was still seen as AGP in system profiler. So, I think that in my case, this extention does not change how the system profiler sees my card. In fact, the kext had bad permissions, I repaired them, but now I can't boot, even in safe mode I will have to pu my HD back in my mac to correct this. But please, if anyone knows how to make the radeon kext load, and at least work to change the resolution, please, tell us!
  12. ATI Radeon 9600 Pro Mobility

    Hi. Thanks for the info, but could you please help me on these points: What do you mean by "very compatible bridge" Also, do you have to do something to force this kext to load? What kext are you talking about here? The Radeon kext corresponding to the video card, or the bridge kext? Could you please tell us exactly what you did to make it work? Here is what I tried: I tried to pu my card device (pci1002,5457) in the bridge kext, and in the radeon8500 kext, no I have a KP at startup: AppleI386AGP: bad bridge bus numbering, no room to fix, bailling out! Intel82557: couldn't allocate eeprom objecti82557eeprom: cheksum fffe incorrect Thanks if somebody can help just_a_mac_user, if you succeded in makink a working driver for ATI cards, even if it hase some limitation, maybe you could write a tutorial because it is the biggest problem remaining in porting OSX to the PC world (now that the TMP ans rosetta are cracked)
  13. enlarging hfs+ partition

    Here is what I did to have a full size partition with deadmoo's image. I installed Darwin 8.0.1 on my HD, making it reformat my drive. I put the drive in my Mac, and then erased all files from the partition where I installed Darwin, except the Desktop files and the Trashes file (you should make visible all the files for that, use a small utility called Onyx). I then used Carbon Copy Cloner to clone deadmoo's image to my darwin partition, and put back the drive to my PC, and it works. The idea is to have Darwin install the boot sector, and CCC to install the files.
  14. I have the same error when I put an unsuported video card (ATI FireGL 2) but it works with an ATI 9800 or 7500.
  15. Thank you. It worked for me, but I can't change the refresh rate. Any idea when we could get real drivers for ATI cards?