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  1. I bought a new Dell U2211H, and it supports rotation, so that's what I do, but after using a while, all I can see moving on the screen is the cursor. I have a 7900GS, and 10.6.8 running with GraphicsEnabler = YES. Two monitors, both connected via DVI-D, another one is at 1680x1050. Here's the detailed information : GeForce 7900 GS: Chipset:GeForce 7900 GS Kind: GPU Bus: PCIe Slot: Slot-1 PCIe Width: x16 VRAM: 256 MB Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) ...... Monitors: DELL U2211H: Resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz Bit Depth: 32 bit(ARGB8888) Serial: MF1XX06G599L Main Display: YES Mirroring : Disabled Connected : Yes Rotation : Supported VX2255wmSERIE: Resolution: 1680 x 1050 @ 60 Hz Bit Depth: 32 bit(ARGB8888) Serial: QK7072301175 Mirroring : Disabled Connected : Yes Rotation : Supported
  2. Display resolution

    Don't try to tell your system what resolution to use. Let the system decide. use GraphicsEnabler=YES instead of specifying the resolution. Hope it helps.
  3. Lion working well on a very old system

    Old!? Core 2 Duo isn't problem, since it has the base architecture Core 2 Quad is based on. And Core 2 Quad wasn't considered very outdated, just outdated. Think of things this way, if you own a Core 2 Quad machine, you wouldn't necessarily have to upgrade to Core i series. It's always the Graphics most people have problems with, at least for me. 8800 is as well, considered outdated, but met 7900GS on my machine, which is very outdated, consider the face that NO Hardware-Accelerated H.264, no OpenCL, what the hell! Don't put the word OLD out too fast, you haven't met your match!!
  4. Help out a newbie!

    You should use whatever kexts you use to boot the installer to boot your OS X. I think the problem might be that you didn't load the proper kext for your IDE controller. Web search around for the model of controller. By the way, use a SATA drive. IDE is considered outdated by Apple.
  5. Screen freezes after rotation.

    I bought a new Dell U2211H this week, and connects it to my computer via a DVI-D cable. Since my screen supports rotation, I attempt to rotate it 90 degrees. But the screen just freezes after a while. The cursors can move, just nothing else can move. The screen stop to redraw. I am using a 7900GS on Snow Leopard, resolution at 1080x1920, and another screen also on DVI-D 1680x1050. Anyone with same problem?? (I don't consider it a OSx86 question, just general wondering if anyone have same screen rotation problem)
  6. I follow this guide and successfully install Lion onto my Hackintosh. I followed every steps, except that I have my Installation partition and the Lion partition all on the same drive. Everything's working except for the Graphics. So, I use "Graphics Enabler = Yes" to the com.Apple.boot.plist (located in Installation's Extra folder) And, Kernel Panic right after cursor appeared. I use a nVidia 7900GS/256MB and it works great on Snow Leopard. It indicates that com.Apple.GeForce7xxxx is the problem. What should I do?