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  1. Jrveteran

    Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    Well this will help those who are installing .Kext files (Kext Helper) Just install it then drag and drop the kext file view the first image... Download all your needed kext files extract it using stuffexpander or winrar whatever you have and drag and drop the kext file in it select easy install enter your password when promped to and after the install reboot and your good to go, Pass it around Kext_Helper_b7.zip
  2. Jrveteran

    Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    just download unzip and install the kext helper use it to install the kexts, enter your pass word and select the easy install menu it will do all the work all you need to do is wait till its finished and reboot your computer (Mac) lol then you will be good to go, please wownload the two pictures to know what i mean
  3. Jrveteran

    Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    ok am the 1 of many new menber here and i am experimenting with the mac os's now i recently installed the tiger 10.4.8 and it was successfull, i installed it on a intel pent 4, processor 1.70 ghz, with 512 memory it is speedy an everything except the network card wont show up all am seeing is serial port, and in the network pref its red meaning it not connected, i came her and i found alot a different ideas an thing i used post #2 and nothing worked, i used number 10 still nothing so i stop and read around an search for other things on my windows same system but different HD and i foung this post i used it and it gave me the network for the Tiger 10.4.8 this pic has all the instrustions and ill upload the fine too. MUST WORN YOU THAT IT MESSES WITH A FEW THINGS TOO LIKE SOUND AND PSP AND 3 MORE THINGS, SO USE AT OWN RISK, ANYTHING YOU SEE WITH CAUTION ICON AFTER DISK UTITILITY VERICATION IS RUN CAN BE RESOLVED ON THE SITE. IONetworkingFamily_10.4.3.kext.zip Snapshot_2010_04_24_13_38_40.tiff Snapshot_2010_04_24_13_40_59.tiff