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  1. Fixed it myself with this http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/186609-fix-for-ioatafamily-appleintelpiixata-panic-in-snow-leopard/
  2. Hi, I'm following this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/185482-guide-hp-mini-110/ I have completed the "== On a working OS X computer ==" part and tried to boot for the first time on my netbook. I get what i assume is a kernel panic. I'm fairly familiar with Hackintosh, and this isn't m first one, but i don't know where to go from here. Can anyone give a solution or just a hint? EDIT: A photo is now attached
  3. baekalfen

    Remove stuttering from ALC889A with VoodooHDA?

    Thanks, I'll try that
  4. baekalfen

    Remove stuttering from ALC889A with VoodooHDA?

    Here you go dsdt.zip
  5. baekalfen

    Remove stuttering from ALC889A with VoodooHDA?

    Thanks! That would be awesome! I used DSDTSE to extract it, if that is important? I can't post it here directly, but i have attached it in a txt file. dsdt.txt
  6. baekalfen

    Remove stuttering from ALC889A with VoodooHDA?

    I have tried using ####### and the enabler kexts, but then i lost audio completely. I don't use DSDT. I don't have a reason not to, it was just simpler somehow to do it without.
  7. baekalfen

    Remove stuttering from ALC889A with VoodooHDA?

    Can you link me a guide that you know works? I'm not sure if i have tried it... The original AppleHDA for 10.6.8 is that version 1.7.9?
  8. Hi, I have my Hackintosh up and running, but the only problem is that the audio stutters quite alot. I think it might have to do with VoodooHDA not recognizing my jack ports (look in attachment). If VoodooHDA could recognize them, i could tick the "Use SSE2" and it would solve the problem, right? If I uninstall VoodooHDA the audio stops playing so it must work somehow?
  9. baekalfen

    Finder Keeps Crashing

    I think you have to give some more detailed informations... What guide did you use? Did it work before? What subversion to Snow Leopard?
  10. I'm following this on the side (i had to make a post to get email notifications). I have a Gigabyte MA790GPT-ud3h (AMD) with a ALC899a. I hope to learn how to do it myself It is nice to see someone like you PookyMacMan who uses time to write guides for others
  11. Hi, I have recently installed OSX on my AMD machine and I got everything working (including graphics), but i messed something up and had to reinstall. I installed OSX with nawcom's mod disc and retail snowleopard dvd. Everything works except for my graphics card (XFX ATI 5850). The last time I got it working i used GraphicsEnabler, but this time i don't get that far. I get stopped by the ** Device in slot: slot--1 ** error message. I have tried PCIRoot=1, update fakesmc, run in non-64-bit mode, ATY_init.kext and iopcifamiliy.kext, but i still doesn't work (I don't get the same error message with each method). I'm currently running 10.6.6. Might it help to update to 10.6.8? Can anyone help me with this?
  12. Solved it myself. I booted from another HDD i had installed OSX on previously, installed the kernel and BOOM! It works!
  13. Hi! I just updated my perfectly working hackintosh to 10.6.8 and i crashed right before i started the legacy kernel patch. Ofc now, i can't boot my computer, not even with Nawcom boot disk. Can i somehow apply this patch in another way or can i boot with another boot disk i don't know of? Thanks in advance
  14. baekalfen

    Nvidia 8600gt very hard to get working

    Hi! I have recently got my AMD machine to run Snow Leopard. I have everything working with my ATI 5850 for the main display, but on Windows i ran a nVidia 8600GT for my secondary display. I think I have tried every single method to make the card work, but it keeps saying this at boot: Bad display config block signature (0x8b262275) ERROR: nVidia ROM patching failed! The computer still works, but without the second monitor or the nVidia graphics card active. My System: CPU: Amd Phenom II x4 965 (OC'ed but 100% stable) MOBO: Gigabyte MA790GPT-UD3H GFX: XFX ATI 5850 1GB (OC'ed but 100% stable) GFX: Inno3D nVidia 8600GT 1GB RAM: 3x 2Gb OCZ 1333Mhz cl7
  15. I think i got it all working for now... Thanks for the help I fixed it by copying the com.apple.Boot.plist from the boot cd and modified it a little