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  1. ML on HP Envy 4

    Actually i am having some problems booting, can anyone help here i have to boot -x everytime? i could do with knowing what kexts i should really have. thank you in advance
  2. ML on HP Envy 4

    i actually have it working, have to boot verbose through chameleon wizard each time, 2 questions: how do i get wifi working with the original card inside if possible? and hdmi out works on 720p but how do i get audio to work, it shows in audio prefs but doesnt work, cheers!
  3. ML on HP Envy 4

    Hey Guys, Well done to Adrien on the completion of the hackintosh I see Dr. Hurt you seem to have alot of knowlege here, i have the same laptop i believe, HP Envy 4-1050ca 8gig ram and have been geeting so far as the install and boot screen to setup language etc finish off installation, but could only boot up in -x safemode, now i seem to have fallen back a few steps to trying to get back to booting after i have actually installed. Could you help? Both ssd 32gig and 500gig are formatted to hfs+ tried on both to install and have been succesfull on the 500gig boot but would like the ssd to boot prefable if it is faster? Any help would be great! Cheers