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  1. PCI RT2500 on Leopard

    Thanks for your reply, but I've already been there and they don't seem to have any RT2500 kexts.. They are all for current chipsets.
  2. VIA VT1708S 7.1

    I haven't been able to get any of your kexts working, so I'm back to using the original VoodooHDA that come with iDeneb 1.5.1.
  3. Dual Video Card Help

    I thought you would need a SLi Cable between the 2 graphics cards? But then you would only be able to utilize the ports of one card..
  4. I'd start with a new computer as you can't really gain anymore speed using your P4 socket, and also none of the parts will be compatible with each other in your new pc except the hard drive.
  5. PCI RT2500 on Leopard

    Hello there all, Its been awhile since I've last been active on here, but I have read some threads etc during that time, but anyway. I recently got my new AMD quad core computer for several months now, and been running Windows 7 happily on it, but I've always liked mac that little bit more, and I love my macbook as well. So last night I download iDeneb 1.5.1 (10.5.7) and got it up and running on my computer, but I just need some help for my wireless card, ethernet, and sound. But mainly my wireless card. Its based on the RT2500 chipset, its a Dynalink WCI25PCI (about 6-7 years old) running in my PCI slot and I've had it running once when I had Tiger 10.4.... umm something on my old computer, but thats a loooong time ago. I haven't had much success looking for kexts, or packages to install on my new installation as they were all for 10.4 or below. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction? It would be much appreciated. Cheers Shannon.
  6. Hi, I'm having problems booting from my retail Mac OS X Leopard Install Disc, I have inserted dsmos.kext into initrd.img, and I have successfully been able to boot into the Darwin bootloader, but the problem is I get the grey Apple loading screen and it just hangs, I've tried using -x, -v but even using -v it doesn't load in verbose mode. Any thoughts, Thanks Shannon
  7. Hi again, I've tried the kext file. It says it has loaded successfully but its not. I can't be bothered to fix the sound now. Thanks for your help everyone
  8. Work OSX86 in my PC ?

    You should be able to, because you have a SSE2 and SSE3 processor.
  9. Sorry about that kiko. Thanks for the kext file harietje, i'll try it out tonight and i'll report back to you. I was going to upgarde to 10.4.6 but i don't have much allowance left on my internet plan.
  10. Hi kilo, Please don't abuse us because we are only newbies. We are not experts like you are
  11. Hi brooklynchild07, Sorry to say but you did not attach the kext, if you could PM me with the kext file that would be great! Thanks brooklynchild07 your the best
  12. Thanks for all your help everyone
  13. Hi spanakorizo, I have a ALC650 Realtek chipset Is there a deadmoo image for 10.4.6 or 10.4.7 ? If there is, might as well upgrade
  14. I knows it my loss, but i can't upgrade to 10.4.3 because i don't want to download it
  15. Hi GBK.Xscape I don't want to upgrade