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  1. looks like there's been a lot happening lately. I'm interested in updating my machine to 10.6.5. do i need updated software? I'm currently running HF6RC4. what does the updated software do for us? i have 3GB in my machine - does that cause a problem? i guess i need the details broken down. thanks.
  2. great to hear that Meklort is back at it! Do you know the current status of the new bootloader? From his latest blog post, it sounds like NBI/NBBM is very much in flux at the moment, but moving forward in a big way. doesn't sound like the right moment to bother him about HP mini 311 support.
  3. I wanted to verify the end user benefits of this latest revision - 1) Improved battery life due largely to graphics power management 2) Trackpad scrolling doesn't work due to some DSDT changes ok, one step backward but this is the way forward.
  4. HP 311 & NetbookBootMaker / NetbookInstaller

    nbi/nbbm uses a system of patching the dsdt. i guess it CAN be fully replaced but thats not ideal. the dsdt we use is a long way from the built in dsdt. if anyone is interested, pm me and i'll send you the rather long email thread.
  5. HP 311 & NetbookBootMaker / NetbookInstaller

    if you'd like to help out just drop me a line. i worked with meklort to outline the main challenges to supporting the 311. they're not that bad, its just finding someone who has the knowledge and time. (unfortunately i lack the dsdt knowledge)
  6. looks like i got it working. I used Alter EFI to add the SleepEnabler.kext (which had gotten lost -- had placed it there recently!) thanks! now to get wifi working, but i'll discuss that in the correct thread....
  7. after a vacation from the forum, IM BACK! Anyone have anything for me to test? I'm having wake from sleep issues using LeMaurien19's latest. blank screen on wake, not certain if the hard drive spins back up. I guess sleep is my main concern. my mini 311 spends most of its life parked but i might be changing that in the future. thanks!
  8. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    i'm all set, thanks!
  9. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    yes, and get all the updated kext and dsdt improvements
  10. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    huh. i saw that there's a copy of HF6 dated 6/30. does that have all the latest updates? can i install it over my older HF5? maybe thats the much easier way forward
  11. HP 311 & NetbookBootMaker / NetbookInstaller

    heh, i don't mean to step on anyone's toes or ask for anything that would cause someone else to. the retail pack is the most up to date method of running os x on the mini 311, correct? have all the latest updates been merged into an install process?
  12. HP 311 & NetbookBootMaker / NetbookInstaller

    yeah, i need the install broken down a bit more than that. are you talking about the mymacbookmini blog? if so, i see instructions for using HF4 but not the retail pack. anyway, the directions for using the retail pack sound like shorthand to me. where does the 10.6 image go? how is it modified? is it even modified?? etc etc. perhaps i use the bootloader to run the 10.6 installer, install it on my mini, then install the bootloader on the mini/10.6 install? i guess we should move this conversation to the other thread
  13. HP 311 & NetbookBootMaker / NetbookInstaller

    short update - meklort has been difficult to contact lately which i'm guess is because...ready? he has a real life! anyway, it does mean that mini 311 support is currently on hold.....unless someone who is terribly clever with dsdts comes along.
  14. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    I was curious if there is an up to date install guide. I'm looking to use the Retail Pack w/o optical drive - the retail pack uses the chameleon boot loader, correct?