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  1. Ok, so are people saying that when it comes to converting say a large AVI file to flash or regular DV editing that the i7 isnt a noticable speed improvement over a high end quad core? I've read benchmarks saying otherwise so I hear it from all sides. Obviously intel wants to sell this stuff and much of the time these upgrades dont amount to any visual difference but from what I have heard the i5's and i7's scream. Obviously the bottleneck is still the hard drive until we get to SSD's but I too was considering the higher end i7. I have a Q9700 (?) series quad core? I think its a 2.8 ghz with the 12 megs L2 cache. The specs on an i7 dont seem to improve on that much other than their theory of arcitecture with the FSB and the 8 virtual cores, hyperthreading , powerboost all that rig-a-morol. Anyone with a knowledgable first hand knowledge opinion on it?
  2. Hi, I have one of the supported mobos, used another tutorial not involving kakewalk to get snow leopard installed. Everything works great except i still have to use the cd to boot initially. how can i use kakewalk , or can i to get it to boot to the snow leopard drive? In the 2.0 zip i see a folder with my mobo name and a boot folder in that etc. Is there some install package i run? thanks in advance. I am in the same boat and I bought one from here. http://afterthemac.com/?gclid=COv57diJ-qACFUKF7Qod3zKMtw They guarantee it to work and i got the 150n for around $45. Arrives today so i will know soon enough. They offer full money back and he said ( i have a macbook) it will of course run off of either which might be handy but they will be compatible and supposed to be very quick.
  3. Network Solution for Leopard

    Here is what I found . http://afterthemac.com/?gclid=COv57diJ-qACFUKF7Qod3zKMtw That is a USB 802.11N adapter that will work on any mac, any OS version. Cost is about $50 but it takes the gues work out of it and you can move from your Hacintosh to your MacBook as I do.