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  1. Backup your Final Cut Pro.app directory elsewhere, and after the update (which writes to /Applications/Fincal Cut Pro.app ) you can revert back to 7.0.1 or 7.0 - If you have Pacifist (amazing tool) You can peek and see what files the .pkg update will alter therefore being able to revert. The only updates difficuilt to revert are core services, quicktime/safar/itunes as they do transforms on the data they store or alter deps for so many applications at once. Minor App updates are usually easy to revert from a backup of the .app directory, and some are done for reasons other than the app itself. Final Cut Pro uses XML to communicate with the rest of the Suite, it sends an XML file to Motion, Color, Soundtrack, they in turn create their own project file based on the XML data FCP supplies. Between even minor versions this XML structure changes, so there may be a case where there are extra fields other apps in the suite are not able to interpret, but there is no Compressor library file for example that FCP needs, Compressor and FCP will have dependencies on a - say ProRes444 Codec, while it's update will be a standalone .pkg rolled into ProApps update. Apple is pretty tidy about their updates. Especially in the Pro Apps segment. Microsoft or RedHat Linux might have dependencies on things like libc, OS X if fairly clean.
  2. problems updating iPC 10.5.6

    Please boot up with the -v flag (F5/F8 or the Enter Key or etc.. in Chamelion boot loader 1.0 will get you there) Also try booting with -v -f -x flags. If all fails try booting with -v -f -x -s into single user mode and doing cat /var/log/system.log there after and sharing what it's complaining about. Thanks.
  3. How to CLONE osx86 and boot from it

    Excellent guide, Yes cloning a MacOS boot drive is just that easy with DiskUtil. It obviates that sometimes the single partion won't have an active flag with only OSxx86 bioses would care about. However people running Chameleon may want to also: dd if=chamelion_boot_image of=/dev/rdisk(ID of your new harddrive) as drive geometry changes and that boot sector may not be available in the same identical place. Same procedure can have an extra step for those with Laptops and a single drive: 1. Boot into OS-X from DVD (Retail or Otherwise) 2. Attache a firewire/usb2.0 drive to the system 3. Create a "read-write" uncompressed, unecrypted, non password protected .DMG file of the entire drive as specified in the guide above With the target your usb or firewire drive. 3. Place chameleion boot install files on same firewire drive. 4. Replace/Swap you laptop drive with a even a differently sized alternative. (like upgrading from 250GB to 500GB or SSD) 5. Boot OSX DVD Again, use Disk Util to unpack the .DMG file back onto the new HD (yes it will use all the new space) 6. Re install the boot sector loaded for Chameleon via Utilities -> Terminal from the OSX Install DVD. (same place you find DiskUtil) 7. Reboot and Enjoy.
  4. AVCHD editing whit fcp 6.0.1

    What OS Version are you using? System Specs, and also are you @ 6.0.1 or 6.0.3? I believe apple suspended the 6.0.1 and 6.0.2 updates from all of their sites. Please let me know, as I am struggling with a timeout issue with AVCHD and I want to hear from someone who has a known working configuration on 10.5.6/10.5.8 hackintosh, and whether issues are USB enumeration or Extra CPU (and CPU Bit-ness) via SMBIOS injection are the issues. Thanks.
  5. Find the update .tar file via the Apple Update website, unpack file using pacifist, find all files it wants to install anew in /Applications or /System or /Library, find a prior update, unpack that, replace all files modified from the previous update - nuking prefs and Final Cut User Data won't do any good. Here is the URI: (Final Cut Pro 7.0.2) http://swcdn.apple.com/content/downloads/4...FinalCutPro.tar Here is the Other: (ProApplicationsUpdate2010-01.tar) - which just incidentally is a /private/var/Blankfile archive. http://swcdn.apple.com/content/downloads/4...date2010-01.tar Easy access to them is specifically withheld to thwart illicit key usage, e.g. to download the manual update, you'll need to sign in with your Apple ID and give your registered FCP PRO Key number. That is all available right here: http://www.apple.com/finalcutstudio/download/ Please look at your Apple Software Update Log to see exactly what tarfiles the automatic update pulled down, you could also check in packages-reciepts, aside from a few pre-flight and post-flight shell scripts, Apple's updates are completely un-doable with a prior update via the Pacifict method. All apple updates are available via http from swscan.apple.com they are in Tar format, that contaings a pkg with Archive.bom. http://swscan.apple.com/content/catalogs/index-1.sucatalog for snowleopard you'll need /catalogs/other/leopard-snowleopard-merged.sucatalog etc.. (see apple support discussion for more info)
  6. Final cut pro Crashing

    This is a SEGFAULT - MEMORY ACCESS VIOLATION, run memtestx86 against your ram first prior to altering anything on the system. Secondly remove any shared components that could cause conflict with FCP (such as Logic Studio or iMovie) and any AUDIO UNITS plugins. If you don't truly have a MacPro 3,1 like machine with Xeon CPU's, try to downplay your profile to iMac10,1 or MBP. Also when running it, disconnect all USB devices. Disabler.kexts of any kind can also cause this. Also, a better output could be obtained not from the "report this to apple" window but from /Applications/Utilities/Console. This way you'll know which component Siderailed FCP just before it segfaulted as this output is only FCP exclusive. It could possibly be a race condition with multi-core/multi-threaded libs being loaded and SHM. As you can see the dispatcher crashing, so one answer may be arriving prior to the other, switch your SMBIOS config to a lesser profile than MacPro 3,1. But run 4 to 6 full cycles on memtest first (you can burn an ISO and just boot from it.) Memtest Also post the /var/log/system.log from your startup/clean boot. Failing that, attempt to send the kernel into 32 bit mode via the -x32 or arch=i386 bootflag.
  7. Does it - "just sit there?" with an empty Log and Transfer window without thumbnails? If so, wait about 10 minutes, and do something else, it should finally source the card. If not, and FCP 6 crashes out with exit code -1 - complaining about :/options and AVCHD.RADPlug then you need to inspect all your logs about :/options problems. Is it at all possible for you to provide details of your motherboard, CPU and OS X 10.5.8 kernel/kexts/DSDT info where you had it working "instantly"? Also check this thread - I've added information about extracting and replacing AVCHD.RADPlug components. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=189808
  8. AVCHD iMovie 09 import crash

    This problem is commmon - reading through this forum in its entirety looking for a solution, I've seen a lot of (pardon me) misinformed answers to the issue. The problem is with Final Cut Pro, Express and iMovie being able to retrieve IOOptions. It first manifests like so in /var/log/system.log and boot message localhost DumpPanic[41]: Error getting a reference to IODeviceTree:/options Here is a link to what Apple has to say about what this is: http://developer.apple.com/mac/library/qa/qa2001/qa1120.html iMove 09 (8.0.4/8.0.2) most likely exits with: : Error getting a reference to :/options exit code: -1 Then the RADPlug framework, "find / -name 'AVCHD.RADPlug' has an identical problem, only this time around it is quiet about it iMovie 8.0.4, 8.0.2 and other iMovie 09 products intend to retrieve the SD-CARD/P2 card directly from cameras, attached devices as well as "Retrieve from Camera Archive" though they try to iterate and detect SD-CARD insertion into the OS, as well as does Log and Transfer of Final Cut Express 4.0/4.0.1 and Final Cut Pro 6.0.6 The AVCHD.RADPlug code is a mistery to me, as I have over 20 different versions that Apple has released over time most likely to resolve issues with different vendors MTS Layouts and AVCHD Lite etc... Not a single one retrieved has an identical MD5 Checksum to the next, from iMoive, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express - these were all unpacked from Apple's updates using Pacifist 2.0. MD5 (./PlugIns_603_ProApps_Update_2008-01/AVCHD.RADPlug/Contents/MacOS/AVCHD) = 775685b19aedeb130849754617e671c4 MD5 (./PlugIns_604_ProApps_Update_2008-02/AVCHD.RADPlug/Contents/MacOS/AVCHD) = d51b1d0808946db15493e976528a5921 MD5 (./PlugIns_604_ProApps_Update_2008-03/AVCHD.RADPlug/Contents/MacOS/AVCHD) = 1a733a789d51dc21f2a2bd05dadc3696 MD5 (./PlugIns_605_ProApps_Update_2008-04/AVCHD.RADPlug/Contents/MacOS/AVCHD) = d5ca815b5c6b5f418fbca3571793c9a8 MD5 (./PlugIns_606_FromWorking_Install_After_606Update/AVCHD.RADPlug/Contents/MacOS/AVCHD) = a68c65bf6bae315f304b56d4d4bd41dd MD5 (./PlugIns_FINAL_CUT_EXPRESS_401_UPDATE/AVCHD.RADPlug/Contents/MacOS/AVCHD) = 4314049ea4440ee48964a64ed03b97e0 MD5 (./RADPlugins_iMovie710UPDATE/AVCHD.RADPlug/Contents/MacOS/AVCHD) = c51545f56f4225778ef6a451a8db1472 MD5 (./RADPlugins_iMovie711UPDATE/AVCHD.RADPlug/Contents/MacOS/AVCHD) = 534c849f3a6fb72e8d0b37b5121fdaa3 MD5 (./RADPlugins_iMovie712UPDATE/AVCHD.RADPlug/Contents/MacOS/AVCHD) = 5b7f86ddbbe7987f8ceb23843d995c01 MD5 (./RADPlugins_iMovie714UPDATE/AVCHD.RADPlug/Contents/MacOS/AVCHD) = 354b6858b80aa03bd16582ffec652c61 MD5 (./RADPlugins_iMovie802UPDATE/AVCHD.RADPlug/Contents/MacOS/AVCHD) = c732c7b93150c717faee9d88d76f652e MD5 (./RADPlugins_iMovie806UPDATE/AVCHD.RADPlug/Contents/MacOS/AVCHD) = 3c37d05166f943dbf0428cdb2e9b6343 However the only thing that made (and not in a complete way) iMovies version scan the card image instantly and FCP time out for about 10 minutes then allow me to read the first card and add others was to take out the Disabler.kext from my OS X 10.5.8 install which would allow for IODeviceTree to be further populated. On a side note, I have a Macbook Pro 1,1 to test with, so the AVCHD RADPlug does not require a Xeon, Quad or even SSE4,1 instructions to operate, however I think it can and will try to use them, so if for any reason your OSX 10.5/10.6 install is confused about 1. Kernel Bit-ness - Most real world Core2Duo installs run in 32 bit mode, most OSx86 installs run in 64bit mode, and I cannot seem to force my OSx86 10.5.8 to force itself to 32bit with an E6850 proc. 2. Access to Suplemental SSE3 and SSE4,1 and SSE4,2 features for AVCHD decoding 3. Ability to traverse through the IODeviceTree (which iMovie 09 and FCP Log and Transfer do) Then you'll get stuck with AVCHD. - FCP's RADPlug and Log and Transfer does not exit, it waits, if you wait with it you might get a positive result. More about RADPlug archetecture, it seems that you can copy/paste and replace these at will, so try different ones from the Apple iMove/FCP update packages. They Are in /Applications/Final Cut Pro.app/Contents/PlugIns/ in iMove in /Applications/iMovie.app/Contents/RADPlugins The iMovie 09 RADPlugs can add extra ProRes features to Final Cut Pro 6 (7 has them) and are completely portable between each app So first try to upgrade/downgrade your AVCHD.RADPlug and see if it makes it operate, if its the :/options error, this will show up not only in iMovie but in anything trying to traverse :/options iMovie09 is a good litmus test to having this completely fixed in OSx86 10.5/10.6 as I've built my box just to transcode AVCHD quickly into ProRes. To further describe the problem, its the thumbnailing and enumeration of clips .MTS files and media detection that is an issue, past that a currently compiled AVCHD.RADPlug will transcode it into AIC or ProRes without problems. In some posts users obseved another conflict message with a method in the P2.RADPlug interfereing with AVCHD.RADPlug, I've not seen this on a real Mac. But removing the P2.RADPlug does not get rid of the problem. From the operation side, it looks the the RADPlugs and PlugIns (not Plug-Ins) directory gets searched and loaded by FCP and iMovie, so it really matters not what the plug-in is named. However I urge anyone using FCP for AVCHD and trying to fix this to examine Disabler.kext and examine App/Perf information output by FCP. As soon as I find a reliable solve, I'll report.