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  1. BTW, just pushed a new version of the script and some little fix for update.sh in the Clover repo. Commenting out line 903 is not needed anymore.
  2. Works like it should. Thank you, @Slice!
  3. That's not enough. That static array is being replaced by the data, obtained by downloading the update.sh script from the Clover repo. In order to succeed, DuetPkg should be removed from the array, but also line 903 must be commented out or removed. # if [[ "${#edk2ArrayOnline[@]}" -ge "1" ]]; then unset -v edk2array; edk2array=( "${edk2ArrayOnline[@]}" ); fi
  4. Philip Petev

    Clover Themes

    r4756/r4757 fixed Row 1 position, however changing the theme on-the-fly still doesn't work for NVidia graphics. Clover still freezes when I get back to the main menu.
  5. Philip Petev

    Clover Themes

    Tested on my laptop (Intel graphics), no such issue here too, the themes can be changed on-the-fly without problem (vector or not) and no freezes or glitches. My desktop however has a NVidia GTX 650 graphics and no Intel graphics (disabled in BIOS) and the menu freezes on theme change. Could it be something graphics-related?
  6. Philip Petev

    Clover Themes

    So, the problem is the theme and not Clover?
  7. Philip Petev

    Clover Themes

    Devs, I don't know what have you done, but the second line with options is misplaced in the last two or three revisions. Happens with any theme, except the embedded one. There is something else, even more disturbing: the Clover interface freezes when I select another theme through the Options menu and then return back to the main menu.
  8. Adding this to the Clover Updater and Clover PrefPane makefiles solved the compile problem for me on Xcode 10 and High Sierra. Thanks! Maybe this change should be made permanent for those two, at least until it's fixed.
  9. I removed the src folder several times, but the result is the same.
  10. The Error 65 is back Happens to me since I updated Xcode to v.10. This is on High Sierra.
  11. I was testing the possibility to download the EDK2 code from the GH repo instead of the SF repo, but it seems there is a difference of how subversion handles a pure svn repo and a git repo with svn emulation (such as the GH one). The result is a folder, where every EDK2 module is at different revision, so I reverted that code (v4.9.1). That however won't fix the problem with AppleSupportPkg. I'm getting this error even with the suggested EDK2 revision (SF) and judging by the message, I think it's about code, not present in this EDK2 revision. My presumption is the author uses UDK instead, which probably has that code.
  12. It is correct. Have no idea where you get that "S" from. Server issue. In any case, not script-related. Build error. I get it too. The current AppleSupportPkg code doesn't seems to play well with the current suggested EDK2 base. What's your edk base (EDK2, UDK, etc.) and version?
  13. The script doesn't suport that yet, I'll work on it probably this weekend.
  14. The --ext-* parameters are:
  15. Depends on what do you use to build Clover: 1. ebuild.sh won't download and add AptioFixPkg/ApfsSupportPkg to the package, unless any of the new -ext-* parameters is specified. 2. Build_Clover.command doesn't use the -ext-* parameters, because it currently has its own subroutines to download, build and add to the package all the mentioned above and it does that by default. So, the only case you don't get AptioFixPkg/ApfsSupportPkg inside the package is if you use ebuild.sh directly and forgot to use the -ext-* parameters.