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  1. I was testing the possibility to download the EDK2 code from the GH repo instead of the SF repo, but it seems there is a difference of how subversion handles a pure svn repo and a git repo with svn emulation (such as the GH one). The result is a folder, where every EDK2 module is at different revision, so I reverted that code (v4.9.1). That however won't fix the problem with AppleSupportPkg. I'm getting this error even with the suggested EDK2 revision (SF) and judging by the message, I think it's about code, not present in this EDK2 revision. My presumption is the author uses UDK instead, which probably has that code.
  2. It is correct. Have no idea where you get that "S" from. Server issue. In any case, not script-related. Build error. I get it too. The current AppleSupportPkg code doesn't seems to play well with the current suggested EDK2 base. What's your edk base (EDK2, UDK, etc.) and version?
  3. The script doesn't suport that yet, I'll work on it probably this weekend.
  4. The --ext-* parameters are:
  5. Depends on what do you use to build Clover: 1. ebuild.sh won't download and add AptioFixPkg/ApfsSupportPkg to the package, unless any of the new -ext-* parameters is specified. 2. Build_Clover.command doesn't use the -ext-* parameters, because it currently has its own subroutines to download, build and add to the package all the mentioned above and it does that by default. So, the only case you don't get AptioFixPkg/ApfsSupportPkg inside the package is if you use ebuild.sh directly and forgot to use the -ext-* parameters.
  6. Really strange, mkdir is located in /bin and PATH already contains this folder. Please, check if you have the mkdir binary in /bin.
  7. Let me see you PATH variable. Open Terminal and issue the following: echo $PATH
  8. That doesn't make any sense. mkdir is built-in command for bash, so there is no such case "command not found". This error has nothing to do with Xcode. It's shell-related error.
  9. Ok guys, try Clover r4563.
  10. The problem is at line 657: local EDK2DIR=$(cd "$CLOVERROOT"/.. && echo "$PWD") That variable will be defined only if the WORKSPACE variable is empty, but it's not (according to the script output Building from bla-bla-bla), so line 797 is trying to use variable that's not defined yet. Line 657 should be excluded from that if statement at least or maybe put before it.
  11. Your log looks good. So it really works with Mojave/Xcode 10 without any problem.... The installer package is not being generated in Linux for 1. It's macOS-specific, therefore useless in Linux 2. The tools, needed for building it are present in macOS only.
  12. The latest one, 4.8.8. Sent from my MI 5s using Tapatalk
  13. May I ask you to remove your ~/src/edk folder and start the script with the "bash -x" prefix? It seems ApfsSupportPkg doesn't get built for some reason according to your previous output. Thanks! Sent from my MI 5s using Tapatalk
  14. I'm sorry, but I think you misunderstand how exactly the scripts work. How exactly an error, provided by external script (actually, it's not the script itself, it's the ./configure command, bundled with the source, that generates this output and errors respectively) is related to the script that calls it? Dude, I need more facts! How about you run the script with bash -x as prefix and show to all of us what exactly doesn't happen in Mojave?
  15. This error is not Build_Clover.command-related. buildmtoc.sh fails for some reason and the log is in that mtoc.make.log.txt file. If you want the same output to be produced by buildmtoc.sh, add the following to the script at line 2 (right after #!/bin/bash)