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  1. I was wondering if there is such functionality in svn. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Unfortunately, no. That external repo (which BTW is not even needed for macOS/Linux) is being called automatically every time when you update your Basetools repo, unlike the edk2 repo at GitHub, where such relationship doesn't exist.
  3. Same here. Must be a SF issue (again).
  4. Just added it to my FF and it works! Thanks for the tip!
  5. That one way to go, but what about those that don't use Firefox?
  6. @fantomas1 The new default theme is really lovely, but can you people add something more widescreen-oriented? Currently, the forum part occupies a little more than the half screen (at 1080p) and the rest is the blue wallpaper.
  7. Guys, there are missing posts in some threads like this one. The last one should be mine from 2 march and currently the last one is from 1 march.
  8. +1 The Tapatalk support is obviously missing and the latest posts in several threads I've visited are not visible. And the current theme... gray on blue... guys, seriously?
  9. What's the point of all this? Sent from my MI 5s using Tapatalk
  10. What exactly the script update has to do with SF, when it's hosted on Github?
  11. Ok, pushed to the main branch. Never done it from my phone though (the git operation I mean) ... Sent from my MI 5s using Tapatalk
  12. Makes sense to me. Ok, I've pushed the fix to the work branch, test and report.Frankly, didn't see that coming...
  13. /Users/mathieu/src/BuildCloverConfig.txt The script creates by default this file in the home folder. Why your copy tries to create it in ~/src? This is not my design. Do you have the BUILD_CLOVER_CFG_PATH variable, defined in ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile?
  14. Try the script from the work branch. As for the "svn:" messages, not the script's fault, it's SF (again).
  15. I think I know what's happening. That line actually works, but in order to succeed, the parent path (where the file will be created) must exist and at this point (no ~/src) it doesn't. Just pushed the fix to the "work" branch, please, test it with the same conditions and tell me if it works for you.