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  1. Alright, I know it's my first time posting here, but I've made some progress with my hp mini 311. I installed 10.6 using Netbook Maker (http://code.google.com/p/netbook-installer/), which I have decided is the absolute best way to install because my USB, keyboard, and trackpad all worked. The graphics card works perfectly in 10.6 because I have the 1366x768 resolution by default and QE/CI seemed to work. Then, I installed the combo update to 10.6.4 and for some reason the first time it updated but my graphics card didn't work very well but the update worked fine, and the second time the screen just kept flashing random colors and wouldn't stop. It was impossible to boot into my system unless I went into safe mode. So, to get around the screen flashing I had to use Tony Mac's [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and then boot into the operating system. When I got it to boot I saw that 10.6.4 had updated but my resolution was lower and my graphics card was not providing QE/CI support anymore. So, to restore functionality I ran the retail pack 0.9 (http://www.mediafire.com/?gtmxnxjn0jy). Then when I rebooted I HAD FULL FUNCTIONALITY! Correct resolution, QE/CI support and sound worked perfectly. Now... I know that wifi will not work unless I get a new card, that's not the problem. I can't seem to get my vga/hdmi ports to work with my external monitors. I was wondering what the simplest solution would be to my problem. I don't want to ruin my perfect install just for this. But if someone could give me some advice that would be perfect. Thanks, Justin
  2. GTX 295 support?

    I think i've made some progress. I added my device id into both of NVDAResman.kext and NVDANV50Hal.kext. Then I installed the NVEnabler.kext. Repaired the permissions and removed the extensions caches. Then i tried to boot in -x -f -v and everything seemed to be going well until it finished loaded... suddenly the screen lost connection from my computer and I was unable to see anything, then my monitor said "device disconnected". I then tried to boot only with -f -v and the same thing happened. I believe the drivers are working and it may be possible to for me too have graphics card support. My monitor is http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx...n82e16824009145 Now what should I do to enable support for my display? Thanks for all of the advice so far!
  3. GTX 295 support?

    Thanks so much for the advice! I was at a loss as to what to do next. I have seen many of your posts before while googling my problems and all of your posts were very helpful. I was hoping that you may see my thread when I posted. I will try this tomorrow after class. Too busy studying right now (gotta love cost accounting...). Thanks! One more question. I see you mentioned DSDT patching. Is it essential to patch a system's DSDT? Every time I have tried to use the GUI DSDT patcher the build has always failed. Force compiling doesn't work either.
  4. GTX 295 support?

    Hello I was wondering what the best .kext would be for the GTX 295? As far as I can tell the reason that I can only boot in safe mode on my install of iAtkos v7 (10.5.7) is because my video card is not installed properly. If the GTX 295 is not supported, what is the best graphics card for under $75 that would be supported by Leopard/Snow Leopard by default? THANKS!
  5. I have tried several distributions: iPC, iDeneb, and iAtkos. I finally settled with iAtkos v7 because it had the most options to choose from. But, I can only boot in safe mode. I have been unable to patch DSDT (build always fails). I suspect that it is my graphics card's fault I can only boot in safe mode because it is a BFG gtx 295 dual GPU core (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814143167). I have tried ATY_Init.kext but my system will not boot so I had to remove it. Tried a "device-property" but that didn't work. If I don't boot in safe mode with -x I get a CPU panic. I have used the following kexts. AppleAzaliaAudio Realtek1000 AppleATIATA DVI/DVI (for GTX 295) Here are my specifications: CPU AMD Phenom II X4 945 (Deneb 45nm Technology) RAM 8.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 401MHz 5-5-5-18 Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC. M4A79 Deluxe (AM2) Graphics X223W @ 1680x1050 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Hard Drives 31.27GB OCZ-VERTEX ATA Device 244.20GB SAMSUNG SAMSUNG HM250JI ATA Device 23 °C 146.52GB Western Digital WDC WD1500HLFS-01G6U1 ATA Device 28 °C Optical Drives External ASUS SDRW Audio High Definition Audio Device
  6. still waiting for root device! tried everything!

    I had this problem with my install too. I solved it by removing my IDE DVD drive and purchasing an external DVD reader. Make sure you have as many external things removed from your computer and as many things disabled in your BIOS as possible: firewire, sound, ethernet. Make sure your BIOS is set to AHCI instead of IDE for hard drive format. Also try installing with the boot flags: -v -f -x -v is verbose mode -f is boot without using cache -x is safe mode
  7. By default OSX only can read/write FAT32 formatted drives, for NTFS (cannot write) support you need a plugin or a program that will read the drives.
  8. Leopard on Eee PC

    Fun but doesn't sound practical. I bet alot of things aren't supported.
  9. Chameleon RC4 is out!

    I love the chameleon bootloader but I feel that v2 RC1 will be used until we can get an installer like before. Simplification is the best to keep people like me from screwing up an install.
  10. There should be a youtube application just like on the iTouch or iPhone. I am going to hold out until there is a camera for skype to skype video conferencing
  11. 'Permission Denied' on USB hard drive

    If the drive is formatted as NTFS then you need to get an NTFS plugin so that you can read these drives. There are some programs that you can download to read/write NTFS. By default the system will not allow you to do anything to a hard drive that is formatted as NTFS, only read.
  12. Was buying this worth it?

    How about finding a small laptop that is a few years old that is easy to install leopard/snow leopard on? Or even a really cheap netbook. The problem with going with an old mac would definitely be the compatibility issues with hardware/software I remember my old macbook I had in middle school was unbearably slow.