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  1. I've searched the forums and have come up with nothing so far, which is pretty shocking....has anyone installed leopard on the new Eee Box from Asus and had full device support? i've been able to get it up and running, but with minimal compatibility. the display (running on an Intel GMA950) is stuck to 1024x768, audio(not too worried about that), and the built-in wireless aren't supported. My question is, has anyone tinkered yet with asus's new toy?
  2. i've heard a replacement of your com.apple.boot.plist and the mach_kernel will allow you to boot error free in 10.5.1, but i haven't tried that myself as of yet
  3. Problem Booting Leo On Inspiron 6400

    try using the leopard flat image...worked great for me...other then the fact i only have a 15gig partition...
  4. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    is it still possible to get older versions of the patcher? i've heard reports of 1.16/1.15 working for the sigmatel 9200 on the dell 6400 in leopard...wasn't able to w/ current release
  5. Using External Monitor with Dell Laptop

    you'll have to disable the comp from sleeping when the lid is closed, but connecting an external monitor is simple...plug. it. in. and then check display prefs
  6. Sidebar on the Right side?

    the short answer is no.....there is no sidebar...because what i'm assuming u mean if the "gadget" sidebar....thats what the dashboard is for in osx
  7. Full Dell Inspiron 6400 System Working

    well i don't have to worry about ati drivers, but i still have a problem with sleeping....my display shuts off, but won't come back on....and the comp won't sleep either...so i'm kinda stuck....
  8. Full Dell Inspiron 6400 System Working

    has anyone here been able to get the sleep function to work properly on the 6400? if so, please inform the rest of us!
  9. 10.4.9 JAS combo update

    first off, i don't have either a GMA950 or an ati card, and for ci/qe....i'm not on my dell right now, but i'll check into it....i shouldn't have to worry about that if i don't have either of those vid cards, right?
  10. 10.4.9 JAS combo update

    i installed the jas combo update on my dell inspiron 6400 the other day, and ever since the install, the graphics in osx have been choppy and sluggish. now i can't playback any type of video, and also any animation in oisx (dock bounces, etc). has anyone else run across a problem like this?
  11. Error when booting mac with acronis.

    in my opinion, acronis' boot manager sucks... i ran with it for a couple installs, but it just caused more problems that its worth, so i now just install osx and if i want to boot into my windows, i just hit F8 and select the partition that has windows on it....simple and effective
  12. preventing sleep, Insomina.kext doesnt work

    i'm running 10.4.8 on my dell 6400, and that code didn't work....still have the problem that the deisplay doesn't turn back on...
  13. About This Mac Screenshots

    My dual-booting Dell 6400
  14. Installed 3 times, but doesn't work anymore

    Solve all your problems Here as of right now, i'm installing....i finally was able to format the partition....heres what i did: using acronis, i deleted my osx partition, and then created a new one as a linux swap....then before committing the changes, right click on the new partion->advanced->change type.....then find ShagOS(swap) and select that....then commit....acronis will complain that it doesn't match, but click ok....once thats done you can go start your install...using disk utility reformat the partition as a hfs+, and ur good to go! let me know if this works for you guys as well ps, i dunno if i get past the com.apple.plist error yet, but i will let you folks know *EDIT* - working like a charm!....no boot.plist error on start up, and i'm on my way to having a working lappy!