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  1. Super_Saxy

    Slow Boot Time

    I followed this build exactly. http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2009/09/how-t...tart-to-finish/ http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2009/09/insta...cking-required/ To be honest, I'm not sure what kexts its using. I chose this build because I needed a Hackintosh for my family to use. All the kexts were pre packaged in a zip file by lifehacker for this build.
  2. Super_Saxy

    Slow Boot Time

    Hey, I built a Hackintosh a year ago, following the Lifehacker guide. Everything went fine, and the Hack has been running great since then. Two days ago, I installed Windows 7 on my second hard drive. In order to do that, I had to unplug my primary HDD inside the case, and tweak some of the bios settings. Once Windows 7 was successfully installed, I returned the bios settings exactly back to the way they were and plugged the primary HDD back in. Now, my boot time has increased from around 40 seconds to 3-4 minutes. My settings are exactly the way they were before installing Windows 7 on the second HDD. I've tried enabling quick boot in the BIOS and it didn't help at all. I also have all the same USB devices plugged in as before when I was getting 40 second boot times. Basically, the only thing that is different now is the Windows 7 HDD. Is there something I can do to reduce my boot time back to what it was? Or is adding the Windows 7 HDD the culprit? -Greg
  3. Super_Saxy

    Asus Eee T91?

    Any updates on this? I am really looking to find a tablet netbook that can dual boot OS X and Windows 7 or XP Tablet Edition. I'm also not really looking (or needing) to have tablet features on the OS X side. I would really love to have the convenience of a tablet PC and a hackbook in the same compact unit.
  4. Super_Saxy

    T1028 tablet

    Thanks for the link!!! I've been searching around for days and haven't found any really good tablet netbook info.