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  1. I have PK5 asus motherboard and I was reading all over the net it was troubled one, because there is no AHCI in the BIOS. I have tryed many many installations with iATKOS s2 v2 or myhack with snow DVD...without lack.....and tryed many IOATAFamilly.kext stated to work with SATA HDD.... Since every time I got different errors - waiting for root; or USBF; or just black ampty screen; or system uptime in miliseconds...; I do not know what was working and what is not and I'm doing a new installation with new set of checkboxing options or new set of kexts every time I see KP... so Can I just when see KP, reboot in -s safe mode and change the content of kest folder by adding/removing kext from my pendrive? and reboot again thus finding right set of working kexts, inspead of everytime waiging 30min installation just to see if this is the right set of kexts/options? I will appreciate if you tell me how to do it with commands in the safe mode changing filed from my pendrive? Thanks
  2. Actually I have done it with nothing changed in BIOS, but set to ATA and run iAktos v5 with -v noapic cpus=2 This done the job! with my 1720
  3. Thanks to Urthwhyte kext! I finally got working my 8600m GT with VGA out for my TV with QE, I have a question: Can I use only my TV as monitor and turn off mu laptop display all the way from booting up, I just want to use only the external lcd?
  4. profusion

    Can't boot any release!

    thanks a lot, I'm a newbie and how to use this zip content?
  5. How you managed to boot ideneb 10.5.5? I have not result booting any release: Kalyway 10.5.2 - panic on boot iDeneb 10.5.5 - nothing after gray apple logo iAtkos v7 - panic on boot The panic on boot panic is saying something com.apple.acpiplatform something and com.apple.iopcifamily... I tryed maxmem=2048, -x, -v -f, but nothing..... Info: 1720 with 1.8Mhz, 4 gig ram, 8600m gt 2 partitions with win7 first.
  6. I have dell inspiron with 2 partitions, first is Win 7 and in the second I want to put OSX, but I cannot boot any release, I got: iDeneb 1.3 - apple screen with clock circling and nothing... iAtkos v7 and Kalyway - Panic 1-2sec after darwin loads..... I saw some treads in the forum and tryed option "-v maxmem=2048" but no luck! I have 1,8 CPU nVidia 8600m gt, 4GB ram Thanks
  7. Thanks for the info, I till try first this Ahci fix ChristoA and try iDeneb release!!!! Otherwise I can try in ATA mode Kalyway, that an1r0n suggest. Is iAtkos is able also to install in ATA mode?
  8. nobody? in it is not possible so I should reinstall all OS after first switching to ahci mode? or?
  9. Hi all, I have dell inspiron 1720 with 2 partitions on my sata HDD. I have instalation of Win 7 with BIOS set to ATA. I have change it to AHCI but Win7 than broke so I revert it. Is there a way installing OSX to the other partition for dual-booting without loosing this Win7 installed? If yes I will appreciate any guide links if you can point me to! Thanks
  10. I have a dell 1720 with 2 partitions, on the first I have win 7. My BIOS SATA is in ATA mode and changing it to AHCI will make win to broke. Is there a way installing OSX without loosing this win 7 installation in my 1720 and making dual-boot? or the only way having OSX is in ACHI mode? Thanks! EDIT: I think will post the question in dual boot subforum! sorry asking dual-boot questions here!
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    Netgear WN111 USB Wifi-N

    I'm also interested in WN111 if anybody found solution on this adapter? I will appreciate any help! Thanks
  12. I will try with iDeneb 1.3 as you told. I will start exploring , and if I found enything on CI/QE will let you know, but first to install it There is a topic here called Nvidia 8600M GT and there is 2 ways making QE working but all saying shutdown then breaking ...also someone says that enableing QE can stop VGA out working, what is your case? so in this shutdown the OS is correctly stopped or these manual (by button) stopping can corrupt the OS?
  13. Hi, what you mean by shutdown is not working on 1720, how you shut down then the OS? I have 1720 with these spec: Intel T7100 1.8MHz Nvidia 8600M GT Signatel STAC9205 Broadcom 440x wireless 1390 mini card I have 2 questions: 1.Can you tell me what distribution of OSX to use to get most of it working? 2.I'm using the 1720 as desktop connected to TV via VGA, so will VGA out will work?
  14. profusion

    Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 (USB!)

    Hi All, Here is my first post to this great forum! After I get 2 laptops hackintoshed I really liked OSX, and the only thing stopping me from making (trying) my home PC into Mac is that I use Creative 5.1 usb x-fi soundcart! Did till now anyone got this card to work, and the issue with volume control? is the line-in works? Please post which OCX you use and detailed info on kext if your 5.1 works? also line-in?