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  1. hey all, i searched but could not find a generic answer to this.... i have am running 10.6.4 on my GB hack with the darwin bootloader... vanilla can i use software updates? sorry if this sounds noob, just wondering if i was running vanilla with no real issues, is this an ok thing to do? any help would be awesome, thanks in advance! -Chuck
  2. digitalsoul4

    Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 RAID 0 Installation

    just a quick update, i used kakewalk 2.2, which seemed to work pretty well, vanilla, i didnt add any additional kexts or scripts which i found to be amazing. i did have to partition the 1t drive into two 500gb partitions, the 1t was taking a {censored} for some reason, after that i was, well, a cakewalk... the only thing that i found weird was that quicktime files did not want to play in QTX , but play in Itunes and QT7. they would load and scrub, just no playing... thanks all!
  3. Ray, that was one of the first things i did, with no change... in the end, i installed FCS3 and it seems to be working fine...so weird... QTX is the only thing that seems to be on the fritz. thanks for the reply! digitalsoul4
  4. mack09hack i have built a similar system to yours for FCPS video editing and AECS5 work i have run into only one major problem... i cant playback h.264 or .mov in QuicktimeX i can scrub through no problem, but playback simply doesn't work i used Cakewalk 2.2 which was wicked easy and my specs are in my sig. if you have any ideas for me or links to educate this noob, i would appreciate it... i cant wait to start using my systems for FCPS but i wont load it up until i resolve this problem as it takes almost an entire night to install... let me know your thoughts! regards,
  5. Has anyone found a solution to this? i am using this machine to edit video and right now PremierCS5 wont play a .mov QTX wont play a .mov (havent loaded FCS yet, but i assume the same issue) i am screwed until i resolve... everything else seem to work though, so for its been rock&roll... thanks in advance for any help
  6. digitalsoul4

    [Solved] QuickTime X

    sorry to ask off topic, i cannot get QTX to play ANY MOV files at all i hope this is just me being a noob, anf there is a link on where to educate me... thanks in advance! digitalsoul4 10.6.3 Kakewalk install X58A-UD5 i7 930 12Gig eVGA 9800 GT 1 Gig 1TB WD Caviar Black
  7. i cannot get MOV video to play on my system, got any ideas? it loads and i can scrub through it, but when i hit play, it just goes from the oause icon right back to the play icon (but nothing plays) as if it is stuck in pause... oddly i downloaded the new itunes and the video plays inside it just fine... now i anf extra confused 10.6.3 install with kakewalk i see my video card specs in sys profiler, so i assume it is working correctly? X58A-UD5 i7 930 EVGA 9800 GT 1gig 12 GIG Ram any help would be appreciated, as it seems that search is broken on this site and i cannot seem to find any relative posts... regards, digitalsoul4