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    [HOWTO] Acer Aspire 5050 (5051AWXMi)

    Hi, I have an Acer 5050-4835 Similar features that yours, but for some reason, after installing (apply the patch) and boot the machine.. The Notebook shows Apple Logo, but a few minutes later it shows a DISABLED icon... I don't know why is happening this, Some help ? thanks, BsRgrds.
  2. lancedehm

    Mac en Olivetti serie 700

    Alguien pudo hacer funcionar el wifi con ralink ?? yo tengo el mismo problema... Gracias
  3. lancedehm

    Endless reboot

    that is!!.... i goona to test again with only one package..! Thanks!!! ;-)
  4. lancedehm

    Endless reboot

    thanks for your help, i start to suspect where is the "error" , when i customize the installation i select Install.Intel.and.amd.patch, but y select all ... its means that all the patch (both amd and intel) was installed??... could it be the cause for the problem?? thanks! Here is the log from Vmware. Thanks! Tha patch are already installed.. but both of them (AMD and INTEL) i think maybe that is the problem....
  5. From osx86 wiki: "After reboot I just get an endless grey screen with apple logo and spinning circle (sorry about my lingo... I'm 'not' a Mac fanatic (just need a simple platform to test browser compatibility). I am having sort of the same problem, with one exception, I see no gray screen, I get Loading drivers just scrolling across my screen then the pc reboots. I tried the b0 fix error after a flawless install, please help" I'm having the same problem with vmware server (last version). My machine specs are: CeleronD: 2.26Ghz 512Mb Ram 82845 integrated Intel video card. The installation is 10.4.6 with Jas patched And Combo patch Included, that is OK!, but when I gonna to start OSX the system Show a output console screen with loading drivers section, it show while a few minutes but when it "apparently" is about to loading "anithing else more" it reboot.. I got a endless reboot with this, y try to boot with -S & -V arguments but it fails again... Any suggestion? Thanks in advance. RG.