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  1. Mac-to-windows VNC

    This is one of the first things I drag to my dock after a rebuild. In addition to that I use the ScreenSharing Menulet for saving those machines I connect to often.
  2. LSI SAS in Mac Pro.

    Some cards just are not bootable. I have a SATA card I used in an older G4 PowerMac that I could only use for storage as it was not bootable.
  3. Windows 7 install without boot camp

    Just hold down Option (Alt) at the Apple chime and select the USB drive. You "might" need to burn the Windows 7 install files to a disc in order for the Mini to see it. Then just format the drive as normal wiping out all other partitions. Then use your Mac OS X disc to install the Windows drivers post install. This is how I have my MacPro running. No Mac OS at all on it.
  4. Partial/Non-Boot Camp Win7 x64 SP1

    Any reason why you don't run the BootCamp drivers from the Snow Leopard disc?