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  1. I have 2 hard drives. One of them is 1tb and has Windows / Ubuntu and a grub bootloader. The second one, 500gb, was formatted at 320 gb NTFS for data, 40 gb HFS+ and the rest EXT3 for Debian, which I quit. I managed to install J.A.S. 10.5.4 in the second drive, on 40gb. It worked perfectly. Haven't upgraded because I have a Radeon HD3870 and it's the latest distro that recognizes it as a real video card. The latest grub installed by Ubuntu 9.10 recognized the hackintosh on the second HD and created a working entry for it. I tried fruitlessly to resize it via gparted, Partition Magic and others. I found the solution of using Ghost to clone it, create a new one and then clone it back. The info said something like size: 40, used: 27, free: 13. I created the image, erased the partition and created a new one (100 gb) then I cloned it back. To my surprise, it said this - size 100, used 27, free 13. I booted the OSX and it still said the same. I decided to wipe it out and reinstall from my J.A.S. DVD, but somehow I couldn't reproduce the configuration and after 4 attempts it couldn't boot. So I decided to clone the partition back and it booted as before. Still, it keeps saying (Get Info) that my partition is about 100gb, 27gb full and 13gb free. The 50gb it's grown don't appear anywhere. What can I do about it? Thanks.
  2. I've got JAS 10.4.8 working on a 10gb/512MB VM. The installation took bl00dy ages. Still, I'm not happy because it feels terribly slow. My PC is a Compaq Presario V5000. Sempron 3400+, 1.5gb RAM, 80gb HD + 500gb USB HD (where the VM image is). Broadcomm wireless and the dreaded ATI Radeon XPress 200m (A.K.A. x200). I'm Running VMWare and Windows XP. According to CPU-Z, my Sempron has SSE3 support. Some time ago I managed to get JAS 10.4.6 working in a Gateway 7422GX which recognized everything but the built-in ethernet and the USB ports. That time it also took a couple days to install and get it working. Though that Athlon 64 had no SSE3 support, it worked flawlessly. I wouldn't like to go through that again. I've got a second laptop hard drive (80gb) hooked to another USB adapter. It's got Windows Vista, but I want to partition it and double-boot 10.4.8. Is there a way to simply clone my virtual partition into that one, just like Norton Ghost does? Thanks
  3. Hello all. I'm wondering what's the latest version of OSX Live that can boot on a laptop that has a Sempron 3200 with SSE3 and an ATI Radeon 200M video card. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Hello. I installed JaS 10.4.6 on a Gateway 7422GX notebook (AMD Athlon 64 XP -SSE2 only-, VIA K8T800 chipset, ATI Radeon 9550 video, Broadcom 4306 wireless). A few weeks ago I asked for help on how to configure the wireless and it worked. Also I had problems with the USB (the system would not detect anything attached to the ports). As advised, I tried using IOUSBFamily.kext 10.4.3 and it didn't work. Then I left the project aside for a while because of time. Everything works but the ethernet and usb. I have nothing to try the firewire port with. Also I captured a video with Windows from my DV camera in its native format on another PC and transferred it wirelessly to my hackintosh. It's about 2.5 gb. It played in Windows, but my OSX's Quicktime doesn't want to play it. What can it be? I've found no updates available and no codecs for DV.
  5. Need help reconfiguring wireless

    It worked! Thanks a lot. What puzzles me is that the OS does not seem to recognize the ethernet adapter nor any USB port (cannot use the mouse, must rely on the pad only). Everything else works fine. What can it be?
  6. Need help reconfiguring wireless

    Yes, there was the triangular arc, but upon clicking it it started searching for the AirPort interface (which I don't have) and quit afterwards. What puzzles me is that the wireless configuration that greeted me upon booting for the first time had, in fact, detected all the SSIDs; which tells me it did work. But I don't know how to summon it again. What's the rest of work I shall do?
  7. Hello. I'm a newbie in MAC OS (which is why I've gotten into this). I've just installed JaS 10.4.6 in my Gateway 7422GX notebook (AMD Athlon 64 XP, VIA K8T800 chipset, ATI Radeon 9550, Broadcom 4306 wireless). Unfortunately upon booting for the first time, the script ran asking for the wireless configuration and I had forgotten the WEP key (I had made it out of random characters) so I skipped it. Once at the desktop, I took the notebook to the router, but it didn't recognize my ethernet (wired) network card. I tried to find the wireless configuration script, but no success. The Network Assistant kept trying to configure the wireless card as a wired ethernet (ie. asking for DHCP and such but not trying to look for APs). Because I was completely unplugged (no wireless nor wired) I swaped into the XP disk again and wrote down the WEP key, but before using my OS X again I need to know how to get the JaS to look for wireless networks again. Thanks for your help.