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  1. Mork vom Ork

    Clover General discussion

    no matter which tool i will use to build the latest CLOVER rev. - i will always get the same error: at the same part of the script. Tried with latest CloverBuilder 1.1.6 and Build Clover 4.8.4.sh script. Seems to be broken since rev. 4496, cause building rev. 4495 allready worked for me at least. Anyone have any clue? btw: i always build from the beginning by deleting the "src" folder in my homefolder location. ps: the whole log file is attached as a download clover_build_rev4497_log.rtf
  2. Mork vom Ork


    Here is my complete log: seems to work ok for me, too.
  3. Mork vom Ork

    (pre-release) macOS High Sierra 10.13.5

    REALLY: 128GB VRAM ???!!!??? Are you kidding?
  4. Mork vom Ork


    YES, it is:
  5. Mork vom Ork


    Thats my terminaloutput: DEVICE 0: Name: AMD Radeon RX 480 Metal version: 2+ Registry ID: 0x4E6 Max Threads Per Thread group: MTLSize(width: 1024, height: 1024, depth: 1024) Max Thread group Memory Length: 32768 Recommended Max Working Set Size: 0x0 Depth 24 Stencil 8 Pixel Format Supported: true Programmable Sample Positions Supported: true Read-Write Texture Support: MTLReadWriteTextureTier Headless: false Is Low Power: false Removable: false Made with Sapphire RADEON RX480 Nitro OC
  6. Mork vom Ork


    attached you can also use my GERMAN localizition: Regards... de.lproj.zip
  7. Mork vom Ork


    why not truncate them, like "if found value is longer than X characters, just show the first Y characters and cut the rest."? while X and Y could be (maybe) a value of 32/64.
  8. Mork vom Ork


    r135 working good here. but one thing: under "Additional Properties" --> the "ATY,bin_image" property is way too much, because it lists the whole bin_image in hex values, which will make scroll down to the next property an endless scroll event ;-) Set feature selectable to include this property or not under Preferences. <--- just my personal feature-wish
  9. Mork vom Ork


    here we go. these are my results from vsgraphics tool:
  10. Mork vom Ork


    You are right: i am using CLOVER (latest rev.), but i am NOT using "inject ATI". I just use MIEZEs patch for Radeon RX within an SSDT. Will send u the requested IOREG within the next few hours as a PM
  11. Mork vom Ork


    ok, so here is the requested screenshot of where it hangs, when rightclicking (for example) on the FAN AND PUMPS pane: see attached screenshot: just a note: i do NOT run any LILU/WhatEverGreen kext to get my Sapphire RX480 working properly. Just SSDT for it with framebuffer- and AGDC-patch
  12. Mork vom Ork


    I do
  13. Mork vom Ork


    Sorry, maybe it is just me or there is still a bug: if i rightclick into VOLTAGE, TEMPERATURE, FANS OR PUMPS and MEDIAHEALTH, the App quits normally (like it was receiving "Command-Q"). On all other panes i get the expanded infos like CPU-details, RAM-details or MEDIA-details etc. The app doesn't quit unexpected - no, it just quits like it does when pressing "Command-Q". With r129 i didn't had these behavior. Anyone else did recognize this with r133 ?
  14. Mork vom Ork


    HWMonitor2 v2.1.0rc3:
  15. Mork vom Ork


    SMARTER Values for a PCIe Samsung NVMe 960EVO: seems to work here either.