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  1. thomlx

    ML: no sleep on a p55m ud2

    Hi, same for me - I found the solution regarding this over at Tony (same solution as for YoYellow) - thanks everyone for the useful hints on this! thomlx.
  2. thomlx

    ML: no sleep on a p55m ud2

    Hi, thanks. Deinstalled REaltek Driver -> no success. The P55M-UD2 does not have USB3. I also checked darkwake (removed, 0 or 1) -> also no success. I am really out of ideas now
  3. thomlx

    ML: no sleep on a p55m ud2

    Hi, have the same problem and tried that - no success. Any other hints on this?
  4. Hi, I bet that it has something to do with the model identifier. It just comes to my mind that the Mac Mini based on the Intel Chipset (Model Identifier Macmini2,1 -> see also http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/mac_...2.0-specs.html) and also the old white MacBook (with CoreDuo) has the same ICH built in like in our boards while the MacPro Models have ICH10 (to my knowledge). Maybe it would be worth a try to set Macmini2,1 in the boot.plist - Unfortunately I am at work currently and can not check right now if this might help... BTW: My graphics card is displayed correctly via System Profiler - it is only the ICH7 SATA which is missing. thomlx
  5. Hi, I have the same problem and am still searching for a solution on this. MacKonsti - did you made any progress here? thomlx
  6. Hi, same here. Upgrading to 10.6.3 brings about half of the USB data rate that 10.6.2 had (~12MB/s in 10.6.2 vs ~6MB/s in 10.6.3). can anybody please check and report? thanks, thomlx
  7. Hi, Update: I checked again with an additional harddisk and all three devices are displayed and working correctly with the native driver. I am attaching a screenshot to show exactly what I mean. Many thanks, thomlx
  8. Hi, I am currently in the process of setting up my machine with 10.6.2 (and am also planning to write up a small "howto" based on my hardware explaining my DSDT modifications and used kext files once I have everything in place) and am a bit puzzled about this driver. My installation works fine using the native AppleIntelPIIXATA (I am using the Enhanced Mode for IDE in the BIOS) and I am only using two SATA devices (one harddisk, one DVD burner). BTW: this is an ICH7 based board. Is it right that I only have to use this driver if I am going to use more than two drives (which may not worked currently for me - however - I have not tested this so far)? Does this driver bring any other benefits (higher transfer rates, other features) besides "only" supporting more than two drives compared to the native driver? After installation the SATA controller is not displayed in the System Profiler. I can see my disk and the dvd burner, but going up the tree (where normally the controller should be listed) I only see a white line - could someone please point me to a possible solution on this? Many thanks, thomlx P.S.: my first post, my first hackintosh - great resource here which helps a lot!