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  1. HD3000 full acceleration for 10.8

    In the DSDT Patch "device-id" I need write my device id (0x01168086) or I need write "device-id"? Thanks I tried with DSDT Patch and not works with me (maybe I'm wrong with device-id), I installed kext attached and I have full resolution (1366x768) and Duplicate Screen, All works but I don't have Acceleration yet. I have glitches on notification bar, I dont have translucent bar and launchpad works very bad. ¿Any ideas? Greetings, :/
  2. Iniciar Lion sin teclado externo en notebook

    Bueno es algo viejo el post de septiembre pero yo tuve el mismo problema con la instalación retail de Lion y lo que hice fue. Conectar el pendrive con el que hice la instalación pero al arrancar escojer la unidad donde ya instalaron Lion Iniciar en el modo consola (-s) yo siempre uso (-v -s) Ya iniciado fsck -fy mount -uw / Para lograr escribir en disco luego nano /System/Library/CoreServices/Setup\ Assistant.app/Contents/Info.plist Y en ese archivo buscamos estas lineas y las eliminamos <string>DeviceSection</string> <string>KeyboardTypeSection</string> Ctrl + X para guardar y reiniciamos. Y con eso ya no tuve ese problema del teclado
  3. Hola a Todos

    Hola a todos, me presento soy Nahomi vivo en México y tengo tiempo escuchando sobre esto de OSX86 y solo un par de veces había intentado instalarlo, pero no me había ido muy bien. Terminé comprando una MacBook Pro usada pero lamentablemente solo me funcionó un par de meses, ya que el cargador no funcionaba muy bien, llamé a Apple y compré un cargador nuevo que según era el indicado para mi portatil. Bueno llegó y al conectarlo como a los 5minutos la pantalla se apagó y nunca mas volvió a encender por ahí la tengo de recuerdo creo el problema estaba en la salida DVI y en el conector de la pantalla interna al final soldé muchos alambres a la tarjeta madre específicamente al conector DVI con el fin de hacer una especie "Adaptador VGA" funciono un tiempo y se jaló el cable vga mientras estaba encendida arrancando un par de ellos de la tarjeta madre y murió. Algo larga mi historia pero quería hacer hasta lo último para reparar esa computadora aunque fuese obsoleta, si mal no recuerdo la macbook pro 1 era la que tenia un cpu Intel Core Duo, luego salió la que yo compre que fue la primera con el Core 2 Duo. Saludos
  4. DSDT Toshiba C845

    Hi, I read that there are advantages using DSDT and first sorry for my english I only speak spanish I'm trying install OS X Lion and I installed a iATKos L2 and have problems with Overheating and problems with my Graphics Card My PC: Toshiba Satellite C845-SP4264KM Intel Core i3-2350M (SandyBridge) Intel Graphics HD 3000 (0x0116) 4GB RAM DDR3 500GB Hard Disk Drive Atheros Wireless Card ( works natively from snow leopard I don't know the model ) Atheros Ethernet ( don't work but I dont use it ) Now I installed Lion from a copy I buyed on "Mac App Store" and my question is where is advantages from DSDT? I extact DSDT from windows and I applied some patch (RTC,SMBus,UHCI,IRQS,FN KEYS,DUAL LINK for my graphics card) And it still works just as without the "DSDT". maybe I'm wrong installing the patch but I dont see info for this. I'm Attach my DSDT.dsl and maybe can help me patching.
  5. Intel HD 3000 Problem in Intel Core i3

    I modified the boot list and I selected "GraphicsEnabler"=No and PCIRoot=0 and now Mac detects my graphics Intel HD 3000 but I don't have QE/CI and I lost the sound, have some bugs
  6. Intel HD 3000 Problem in Intel Core i3

    Ok, I try with a MacBookPro8,3 SMbios and not work, Im using Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 and im using AppleIntelHD and AppleIntelSNB kexts from this version. The System Profiler detects a Intel Graphics card with 64MB and they say Nothing kext loaded
  7. Intel HD 3000 Problem in Intel Core i3

    I tried SMbios of MacBookPro8,1 and MacMini but doesn't work I dont have QE/CI I only have resolution using "Graphics Mode"="1366x768x32". I tried install "kext" but doesn't work anything. Only have resolution fixed. And sometimes lock the screen. Again, sorry for my english. Thanks, I'm reading the "artur-pt" answer. I have a laptop Toshiba C845-SP4264KM. Processor: Intel Core i3 2350M @ 2.30GHz CodeName: SandyBridge Instructions:MMX, SSE(1,2,3,3S,4.1,4.2), EM64T, VT-x, AVX) MainBoard: Chipset: Intel SandyBridge and SouthBridge: Intel ID1E59 RAM: 4096MB DDR3 Dual-Channel Graphics: Intel HD 3000 (1806MBytes) Dev ID: 0116 Vendor ID: 8086 Greetings
  8. Hi, first sorry for mi english my native languaje is spanish. I Have one problem with Intel HD 3000 video card, I installed iATKOS L2/Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 and I updated to 10.7.4 and I tested with kext and I have the same problem. DRMStatus and SNB Fail If I delete this kext "AppleIntelHD" and "AppleIntelSNB" I can boot without QE/CI. Any idea? regards
  9. [Resolved] SNB and DRMStatus Error

    Hi again, I resolved this problem At first boot boot args: -v -s cd System/Library/Extensions mkdir IntelBack mv AppleIntelHD* IntelBack/ mv AppleIntelSNB* IntelBack/ reboot and its boot normaly
  10. iATKOS installation problem

    You can modify your BIOS in Hard Disk until AHCI select IDE/RAID or Compatibility and try
  11. Hi, first sorry for my english my native languaje is Spanish. I have 2 problems 1. When Lion finish install and reboot I have a "Kernel Panic" but apparently Lion install correctly 2. When the first boot I have these problems DRMStatus: iTunes/Apple Store Content Access Problem. Content playback may be disabled on this computer. You can Continue to use the machine, but you should contact an Apple support representative. ErrorCode: 8877652 Airport: Link Down on en0. Reason 1 (Unspecified) 96.963243: setWOW_PARAMETERS:wowevents=2(1) SNB Framebuffer did not show up, unload And system hangs I have a couple of days testing and I can not solve this problem My computer: CPU: Intel Core i3-2350M @ 2.30 GHz GPU: Intel HD 3000 RAM: 4096MB DRR3 WLAN: Atheros AR5B93 Thanks for your help