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  1. Hi, I managed to get QE/CI on my internal screen with EDID method. However, it is extremely unstable. Sometime, the screen works, but most time i got bad screen which is very blur, just like two overlapped screen get together. Sometimes i even get blackscreen. Usually every 20 times, i get one good display time. Does anyone know what is the problem and how to fix it ? I'm using GraphicsEnabler=Yes with AtiConfig=Hoolock. This is how the bad display looks:
  2. Need help on DSDT! vaio vpcec

    Anyone? thanks!!!
  3. Need help on DSDT! vaio vpcec

    Sorry, forgot to attach the file.
  4. Need help on DSDT! vaio vpcec

    Hi, I just installed Lion 10.7.0 on my vaio vpcec1s1e. I've extracted this DSDT from windows 7 but i always got a lot errors when i tried to compile it. Can somebody help ? Thanks a lot!!! Here is my dsdt. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8333611/dcpdsdt.dsl
  5. Hi guys, Thanks for your discussions. Really helpful. However i'm not quite clear about the "waiting for DSMOS" problem. I now have working 10.8 on workstation 8.02 with the unlocker patch. However it took so long to boot in desktop (15mins for me) and verbose shows its "waiting for DSMOS". If i understood rightly from the previuos posts, seems i need to fix file permission. But exactly which file and how ? Can anyone post a little bit clearer solution to reduce boot time? Thanks a lot !!!