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    System Profiler error

    Can you tell how did you fix it? I don't know how to uninstall a driver on Mac. Thanks.
  2. Sorin

    FCP, ready steady go!

    I have no idea why playing the same video file from a web page, in windows media player looks better then in quicktime. My only explanation is that the same website has a way to identify what type of operating system or player you use, and to access accordingly that type of file. For example: if you are in Windows and by default the player is Win Media Player, then the file accessed wil be am .avi compressed with a Microsoft compression; but if you try the same website from Safari in Mac, then you will access a .mov compressed with a quicktime codec. Again, this is just a supposition. Can you give me a link to that website? I'm just curious to see how will play on my hackintosh. Sorin
  3. My GeForce 7300 GT video card was great with me up to now when for the first time I'm trying to connect a TV as a second monitor instead the usual dual monitor configuration (I want to monitor the video on Final Cut Pro). On Win XP is working so I believe is a matter of drivers. I guess I'm using Natit because in /System/Library/Extensions/ I found a "Natit.kext". As you can see, I'm not an expert in Macs, so if you have a solution to my problem, please give it to me in a step-by-step manner.
  4. Sorin

    FCP, ready steady go!

    Being in QuickTime, go in "Window" / "Show Movie Properties" then click on "Video Track", choose "Visual Settings" and enable "High Quality". When you close the file you can save it so you don't need to do this setting again next time. In my understanding this is just a matter of visualizing the file, since the information (data) is there all the time.
  5. I did it! Thanks to this guy post! But when I went to Apple's website I download the 10.4.8 version. They have also the 10.4.9 for who is interested! Now the only think not working remines the audio but I bought a Creative Sound Blaster External USB box. Sorin
  6. Anybody ever had a no USB detected problem? Seams weird. I have an Intel S975XBX2 MoBo , an Xeon 3050 and 2Gb DDR2 of "tested" memory. The Audio on-board - SigmaTell 9227 doesn't work also, although I try with STAC9227_83847618.txt droped on the icon of AppleHDAPatcher_v1.15. On WinXP I have no problems with USB or audio. Any idea?
  7. This is good. On the Intel's website the description for the Desktop model is actually referring to the Server model: http://www.intel.com/cd/channel/reseller/a...ature/index.htm I should add one more think: on the server version ( S975XBX2 ) spects webpage there is no Xeon CPU supported (?): http://www.intel.com/cd/channel/reseller/a...ature/index.htm So I guess the Desktop version should work OK.
  8. Or because they are trying to convince me to buy more expensive stuff?
  9. It's a hot item, I guess. This morning was there. Just any place who's seling Intel D975XBX2 mobo. My problem is I don't know if a Xeon 3050 will work fine on a D975XBX2. From Wikipedia: Xeon 3000-series "Conroe" (aka Core 2 Duo) Intel released rebadged versions of the desktop Core 2 Duo (Conroe) as the Dual-Core Xeon 3000-series (product code 80557)[4] at the end of September 2006. Unlike most Xeon processors, they only support single-CPU operation. They use Socket T (LGA775), operate on a 1066 MHz front-side bus, and do not support hyperthreading. Xeon model Core 2 Duo model Speed (GHz) L2 Cache (MB) 3040 E6300 1.86 2 3050 E6400 2.13 2 3060 E6600 2.4 4 3070 E6700 2.66 4 From this info. seams to be pretty similar, but then why Intel told me the D975XBX2 mobo is not compatible with Xeon 3050? Any thoughts?
  10. Hi everyone I am new here and also in the osx86 world, but I installed on some Dells (v. 10.4.1). Now I want to build my own hakcintosh and I was looking around for some configurations. The user Boo500 is using an "Intel Bad Axe 2" AND a Xeon 3050 so I wtore him (and now to you all since he had no answer for it): ...but on the mobo's spects doesn't appear Xeon. Are you using a different MB that for example this one: http://www.microcenter.com/byos/byos_singl...oduct_id=251723 When I asked them, the people from Intel wrote me back this: The Intel® motherboard D975XBX2 does not support the Intel® Xeon® 3050, however, the Intel® Server Workstation board S975XBX2 does support that processor. For a list of support processors for the Intel® S975XBX2 Workstation board, please see the following URL: http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/...b/CS-023536.htm Would you guys please give me an advise, what type of MB should I buy (since I already bought an Xeon 3050). Thanks, Sorin