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  1. @tango3 Sounds like you have created a new partition table or similar, which means you have lost everything that was on the drive, including Windows 7.
  2. I registered just to say this; Haha, I see what you did there! For the topic; I do believe it is against Apples' wishes and EULA, and is also legally dubious, especially concerning the EULA. If you want to stay clear of the law, get Apple hardware (or ditch Mac OS). As for the rest of us who think the tie in to the Apple hardware is a big drawback to Mac OS, we try our best to work around it for our own personal experimentation and use, sometimes despite what the law and/or the copyright holders say we can and can't do. So although it is easier to just say it is illegal, maybe you should reconsider the question, is that really what you wanted to know? did you already know the answer? Finally, you should always have bought a license, otherwise it is just straight piracy.