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  1. Hi, long time viewer, but never posted here before so here goes. I have an almost fully operational install of 10.6.8 64bit (leohazard updated) and everything is running sweet apart from the supreme FX audio card. The only time I can get sound from it is when I use the VoodooHDA Kext (2.7.2) but the audio is ropey at best. Can anyone offer some guidance regarding either the correct Kext and installation or maybe how to use a DSDT to overcome this problem. I have read the first page on installation but the part regarding DSDT and the Supreme FX card installation confuse me somewhat! I come from a windows background but have been using macs for work and also own a Macbook Pro for the last 3 years. System Specs are: E6600 dual core processor P5N32E-SLI Plus motherboard 4Gb Ram If I have missed out any relevant information please correct me (i won't be offended!!) Regards, Steve.