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  1. @Andy, what is the difference between your kernel (BSA_kernel) and Sintek's kernel (v6_kernel)? Maybe you can eliminate the icon bug and pink launchpad by copy some part of the kernel? (I don't understand the coding and creating the kernel so I just ask it is possible) I agree. Would be amazing kernel.
  2. Testing Andy's kernel Bsa_V8: Icon bug persist. Pink icons returned. Shutdown ok. Restart ok. Photoshop still crashes. iMovie and any video editor with errors in the preview: blackscreen, bugs, artifacts, dots, etc. (Valid for all kernel tested: Sinetek v6, Bronya rc4 fix, AndV... and so on) Pc specs in mi sgnature.
  3. Ok I will test Mountain Lion 10.8.2 with this Sinetek release V6 and my PC. I'll install at this moment and comment my results. Thanks. Mmm... firs check what DMG of mountain Lion works... let's begin again... wll if you recommend one would be ok. I`ll begin with iatkos too see what happen.
  4. Very quickly answers. It's right, Sinetek, Andy and Bronya have a time off, happy new year and party time My adobe is fully updated, the interesting thing is how I tunne my graphic card, I dont't DSDT... Is there a tool to do it or where can I modify the functionallity?
  5. Thhat is my experience: Finally I have Mavericks 10.9.2 almost fully functional. I have this machine: -Procesor: Phenom II 965 BE -Motherboard: Asus M5a88 v-Evo -Sound integrated: ALC892 -Lan integrated: RTL8111E -DD: Hitachi Ultrastar 1TB -Graphics card: GTX 650 ti oc I have tested almost all kernels posted here, but the ones that giveme best resutls are Sinetek and AndysV: Sinetek 10.9.0 v6 //github.com/sinetek/xnu/releases Works very well without graphic glitches or icon bugs, except: -Photoshop cc still crashes on Black and white or 3d. -When I shut down the computer, it makes all the shutdown procces, in fact power off, but inmediatly power on again. Andys most recent kernel http://www.dropbox.com/s/taf38zdm8va6l4h/BSA_kernel.zip Works very well, shutdown and restart function 100%, no pink icons, except: -Icon bugs especially in the name of some icons and Chrome graphic bugs too. -Photoshop cc still crashes on Black and white or 3d. Other kernels have pink icons issue, or graphic glithes at least for my Hackintosh rig. Would be amazing Sinetek or Andy makes a release solving above issues. Especially shutdown (Sinetek) or Graphics glitches solved (Andys). Congratulations to all in this amazing forum, and special thanks to people working in the development of hackintosh.