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  1. It's also working on HP 6720s with ADI1981. I did only have speaker-out with the ADI1981 Azalia kext, but with this one all in/outs seem to get detected. I finally get sound on headphones! Haven't tested input yet.


    After sleep the PCM volume gets reset, and audio is distorted. I hope this gets fixed soon!

  2. Thanks Jack. Are you getting these speeds with Leo 10.5.5? My bottleneck is strictly with Leo 10.5.5 and the onboard Realtek Gig-E NIC. Like I mentioned, the 10/100 USB-LAN adapter I have maxes out it's bandwidth at 10 mBytes/sec, 5 times more than what I'm getting with the onboard. No problems with any other OS, or any previous version of Leo, just Leo 10.5.5.

    You can't test Gig-E throughput outside of a Gig-E connection, but you can at least see if your speed reaches the maximum you can transfer on your 100 mbit/sec connection. It'll at least tell you if you're achieving the max throughput you currently can.


    Yes, this is with 10.5.5. Don't know about .5.6 though, I haven't updated yet on this machine. I'll wait for the voodoo 9.6.0 kernel before I update.

  3. Ok I have made a clean install with boot-132, but I get the same issue only half display dimmed.

    Can you check which LCD panel do you have? (use pcwizard in windows)

    Also How do you get DSDT.aml? cause on my 6720s I can't get it... I've tried with -f switch but I get something that don't work and don't boot...


    Also... with the dsdt of this thread I've got sleep workin'!!!!!!!!!

    I ask you another thing I've a D945GCLF motherboard with ATOM 230 and I use the boot-132 method to make a clean install but is not like the 6720s If I launch an installer(also cahmeleon DFE for hd) it answer to me "You cannot open the application installer because it is not supported by the architecture".... I've tried with different SMBIOS but I really don't know... with Kalyway 10.5 this has never happened.



    I'm unable to check what display I have in Windows, I only have OSX installed on my laptop. If you know a way to check this on OSX, I'll gladly help.

    I wasn't able to patch my own DSDT as well as BlackCH. I got a good DSDT from another forum user who has an older BIOS on his 6720s. That's the DSDT were using now, after BlackCH made some fixes to it.

    For me the DSDT didn't fix sleep, it already worked for me on vanilla install. It did fix my lid, my laptop goes to sleep when i close it!

    I wouldn't know how to fix your installer problem on the Atom board, guess you could open a new topic about it.



    another thing about boot-132 the extension in the extra folder are "enabled" only for Install? for examle I can add to extra folder of boot-132 AppleAzaliaAudio and I have sound working? because I've tried and this doesn't work for me copying on the real Extension Folder works but not in the Extra of Boot-132




    To get the audio kext loaded from EFI partition, you need to give it a higher version in the plist, or give it a higher ioprobescore. If you don't the OS tries to load the original kext as they are a higher version.



  4. Does not work for me ... after some minutes the DVD spins down and then nothing happens. Before the DVD spins down, there are only SAM Multimedia Errors.

    Need to get an USB<->SATA Adapter ....


    It's somewhat offtopic but I made an iso of the boot-132 disk i used. You can dl it here: http://rapidshare.com/files/170398164/track1.zip.html

    If it does boot with this, you'll need an USB-mouse during install. ps2 kext and nub don't seem to get loaded properly from the CD. The trackpad does work after I setup to boot from EFI partition.


    To get back on-topic.

    Maybe my brightness control works correctly because I use the X3100 drivers from the last Macbook update?

  5. How did you install your Retail DVD? When I boot from the DVD (using boot132) method i get some read errors because of my IDE DVD drive... is there a way to 'cut down' the Retail DVD so i can 'burn' it to my 4GB USB stick?


    edit:// can you please post your boot-132 image or tell where you got yours from?


    I used the standard iso from the boot-132 topic. I also get a few read errors when the DVD starts loading, but this doesn't seem to be a problem, the install works fine.


    Which laptop do you have? CPU? GFX? mine is the one in signature



    I also have a HP 6720s, with Celeron M 530(? (1.733 Mhz)) and Intel X3100 GFX (devID 2a12)

  6. I don't have the problem that only half the screen dims. For me it works now just like under Windows and Linux.

    Maybe it depends on the "distro" you installed. I installed retail with boot-132 method, and I boot from EFI partition to the installled OS.





    The best thing about this is that my battery makes it up to 3 hours now (like Windows and Linux), instead of the 1:15 hours without dimmed display.

  7. Great work! but Can you please tell me step by step after standard Chameleon install what I have to do to get brightness control working?




    After you installed Chameleon, download the Chameleon with DSDT loader here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=132757

    Replace the file "boot" with the chameleon file from the topic. (rename it to boot)

    Then you just copy the DSDT.aml from this topic to the root of your Mac drive, and reboot.

    After reboot you have to set some keys to control brightness with the FunctionFlip pref pane, and use those keys to control your brightness!


    Good luck!


  8. Hi,


    I'm trying to compile Munky's EFI-partition boot with the diff from the dl in this topic. I patched the fake_efi.c file in the i386/libsaio folder of Munky's source. The patching goes fine, but when I make I get the following errors:


    Booter executable larger than 65024 bytes

    make[2]: *** [boot] Error 1

    make[1]: *** [all] Error 2

    make: *** [all] Error 2


    Is there a way to get around this?



  9. I guess the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext can't load on AMD systems? After patching DSDT I can load the AppleHPET.kext but AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext gives a KP right away. Or is it possibly caused by edited files?


    Great work anyway, it did get sleep working nicely!

  10. I have a XFX 512 MB 8600 GT and I had a dual boot setup with Vista and Kalyway Mac OS 10.5.2


    Mac OS Did not recognise my graphics card and showed only 32 MB VRAM with 1024 * 768.


    I flashed my XFX 512 MB 8600 GT card with the procedures mentioned here


    and my computer is not starting up.


    I can only boot with my onboard graphics card now. When my PCI e is connected it will not start up. Is there any way we can flash the ROM back. (I have backep up the original ROM file)


    Any suggestions to get back my graphics card with the original ROM? I have a Asus P5K-VM board with 1 PCI e x16.


    Usually you should be able to "blind flash" the card. Boot from the floppy with the original BIOS, and type the command to flash the BIOS. If all goes well you should have working gfx after reboot.


    Good luck,



  11. On the system in my sig the kernel is totally stable. All test passed without bootflags. I noticed parallels is running way better now. It used to crash on me alot, but haven't got a single crash since I use beta2c.

    I still need to do some more stress testing.


    Keep up the good work :thumbsup_anim:



    I left my PC on for the night. It was sleeping when I woke up. OS X woke up nicely. and I did another test5 run. Passed again.

    Paralles also ran when I left my PC, it's still running/responding nicely.

    Looking very good :D