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  1. Hi eskimo, the only place I found that appeared to have it was on Rapidshare. It's zipped in 3 parts. I'm going to download it and see 1. If it's the real thing and 2. If it will fix the problem on my machine. I guess you probably couldn't contact Apple even though you have a legitimate copy, (since it is on a hackintosh) and because they'd probably refer you to the newest 2010-01 update.... Hope this helps! -Techieguy Update: Ok, since Rapidshare only allows a maximum file size of 200 mb, a lot of people break down the files into smaller pieces. i.e. 100 mb. It's really common to see large files like that broken down into smaller .zip files. It took me a while to figure out how to piece them back together (Winrar wouldn't work and I couldn't figure it out on Mac) but I finally got it with 7zip on my Windows computer. So now it is one zip file. I uploaded it to Filefactory because they will let you do files up to 400 mb. I couldn't update FCP on my Mac because it has to be 10.5.8 or newer and I only have 10.5.6. (I'm going to try and update it soon though). I sent you the link because I don't think I can post directly on the forums. If anyone else needs it, message me. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button that says Download Now with FileFactory Basic. When the countdown is finished, scroll to the bottom of the page again, and click Download with FileFactory Basic. Save it. When it's finished downloading, unzip and mount it. Hopefully that should work!! If you have any questions, let me know. -Techieguy
  2. Hello! I have a problem with FCP on my hackintosh too, but it's a different problem. I just googled Apple Pro Applications Update 2009-01 and only found the 2010-1 update. Although I did find on link that I think was the 2009-01 one, but I'll message it to you. -Techieguy