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  1. Hi, @Immo or anyone with a 1330 NVIDIA Board: could you post the newest DSDT.aml in your first thread with all modifications that you have working? The last one in the first post is from end of 2009. I am still using the anycpu DSDT for NVIDIA from 2009. I read most posts from all 35 pages and I would very much like to not try out all modifications by myself. Thank you very much Regards Klaas
  2. Has anybody issue with the M1330 Sleep when closing the Lid? The Laptop goes to sleep and wakes up after sleep, but I cannot start any programs, shutdown or do anything else. When I am shuting it down holding the power button. The SL does not start up. I can fix it by using SuperHAIs boot CD and doing an fsck_hfs on the EFI partition, then I can boot normally. Sleep is working perfectly well, when I have the Lid open and use the option from the Apple Menu. Are this different sleep states or why could I have this problem? Additionally I got a kernel panic trying to sleep with the Apple USB to Ethernet Adapter connected, is this normal? I am using SL with all current updates installed (10.6.3) the latest DSDT.aml posted by Immo and the Kexts from the first post (I am using the Voodoo stuff).
  3. just would like to know if anybody made any progress with the driver? I did not find any kext, not even an experimental one. The driver project seems dead.
  4. Has anybody the VoodooPS2Controller working under M1330? I can only use the Synaptics Touchpad with SuperHAIs kext. When I am using the VoodooPS2Controller the keyboard is working fine buth the mouse pointer is stuck in the upper left corner. I can use a PS2 mouse though. Installation: I installed it on the EFI partition (Extra/Extensions) as far as I read in the forums it should work from here? I have no kextcache (because the kextcache command does not work for me, problem with locking if using -U problem with non existing Extensions.mkext?!) I am running in 32bit mode to use the VoodooHDA.kext under 64bit the prefpane was not working for me. Can I use the recompiled VoodooHDA from the linked thread for VoodooPS2 so that I can use 64bit mode? Did I miss anything in the guide where to place it or do I have to add anything to the smbios.plist or the Boot options? Regards Klaas
  5. Sorry this was a typo, I mean Shutdown is not working with your new DSDT you posted a few days ago. Sleep works well.
  6. Thank you! It is working after reviewing my installation and checking the files. I guess it was the SMBIOS.plist file that was named in Uppercase because I downloaded a base file in wrong case. It does work when it is in lowercase. @Immo: the DSDT works flawlessly but Sleep does not work for me as well with your newly patched one. Regards Klaas
  7. I only have on OS-X SL installed, everyhting on one partition. Do I have to delete an DSDT.aml from the Vanilla installation (I did not delete anything there)? Yeah maybe I am not doing it the correct way. I have used: "DSDT=Extra/DSDT.aml", maybe I need to do it like this "DSDT=/Extra/DSDT.aml" or "DSDT=rd(0,0)/Extra/DSDT.aml" Just to be sure I will update my Bios to the latest revision.
  8. Hi, I got a question related to the AnyCPU DSDT for M1330. I installed a plain SL and use all the kexts that are mentioned in the guide with the AnyCPU DSDT. I got a Kernel Panic with the message "CPU 1 has no HPET assigned to it". I doubt that anything is missing from the guide, so what may I have missed out to boot with the DSDT.aml? Maybe helpful: 0. Hardware: Dell XPS M1330 with Dual Core 2,2 GHZ 4 GB Ram and an NVIDIA card Bios Version A13 1. installed SL with SuperHais Boot-CD 2. using Chameleon RC4 not RC3 3. using all kexts from Guide 4. not using any disabler or NullCpu or other Kext as mentioned in other threads to fix the HPET problem 5. get KP with 10.6.0 and 10.6.3 (installed it two times, tried it two times) 6. using the EFI drive for patching, I did not add anything to base installation on "/" 7. just copied the DSDT.aml to EFIs /Extra folder (did no compiling or other stuff) 8. Disabled multiply CPUs in Bios, added ForceHPET=y|yes to boot tried it with DropSSDT and without it, save mode is not working anymore, single user neither My questions: How can I boot without the DSDT.aml, I was too optimistic an did not rename it to DSDT-test.aml and use the boot option for it, so right now I cannot boot. Do I need to reinstall. Maybe someone could zip up his EFI drive and post it here. I am still not sure, if I put all the files into the correct location. Does the AnyCPU fix on the front page include the HPET fix that is mentioned in this thread or do I have to add for it to work? @IMMO: What Bios version are you using? Any help is appreciated Regards Klaas