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    hello, i life outside of the U.S.A and i have no credit card and i got some money from a friend to my paypal account but i cant accept the money. is there anything i could do? Thanks ahead, Tommy.
  2. hack4ev3r

    Powerbook G4

    Actually, the price is pretty good considering i don't live in the states and everything here is much more expensive. for example an mini cost 799$ here and a macbook pro starts at 2499$ i'm just wondering if i will enjoy this machine or will it just be sluggy and die a horrible death? will i be able to run logic pro on it? thats the main thing i need as i work with music alot.
  3. hack4ev3r

    Powerbook G4

    Hi I was wondering, a friend of mine offered me a Powerbook G4 400mhz(15") with 640 Ram and 20g hd for about 500$. my friend says that i won't enjoy it if i buy it. i was wondering what do you guys think should i buy it or not? i'm probably going to run OSX 10.4 on it and surf the web irc and stuff and maybe Logic pro( i don't care about program lag unless its unsable or the music comes out corrupt.) Thanks ahead, tommy from da hood.
  4. hack4ev3r

    Which guide should I use?

    yes, but of course it needs patches added to it.
  5. hack4ev3r

    ATI Radeon 9550

    Hey people, i have OSX 10.4.6 installed and i downloded the 10.4.4 ATI Drivers(.bundle files) put it in my extensions directory and repair premission and still not a thing, some one on the IRC told me i need to put my vendor id in the bundle or something? i have a ATI Radeon 9550 that is supposed to supported some people told me with minor fixes. can anybody explain me how to do this please? Thanks.
  6. hack4ev3r

    Dual boot: Win+Mac, but Darwin don't want boot!

    Maybe your computer doesn't have SSE2? thats the minimum for osx86
  7. hack4ev3r

    Missing operating system error

    Hi Thanks for the quick replay . are we talking about the mac osx partition? beacuse i have very important stuff on my ntfs partitions could this have happened beacuse the partition was Fat32 before i formated it to HFS+?
  8. Hey people heres my problem i just installed OS X 10.4.3 and i get a "missing operating system error" if i leave the install DVD in the drive i can boot to OSX but i can't boot to windows or boot without it. i tried FIXBOOT FIXMBR none seem to work still missing operating system error,if i could somehow install grub or something without linux or a bootloader i dunno. thanks ahead, tommy.
  9. hack4ev3r

    Run Front Row in your Audi...

    i thougth the Powerbook didn't have frontrow or am i wrong?
  10. hack4ev3r

    Mac Mini RAID

    wooha did they open the min box and put the mobo and G4 inside that case? or is it just the hardrives? man this looks kickass
  11. hack4ev3r

    Bill Gates Runs Like A Girl

    heh, actully steve jobs does talk like that he keeps saying "and we are thrilled with that" on everything
  12. hack4ev3r

    Bochs 2.2.5

    you need to check the checkbox for intel and powerpc on the "build to" thing
  13. Hey i was wondering i got this card Juli@ untill now and before im about to install i saw on the CD that there are mac drivers! i would just like to know if it would work on OSx86? i understand that its not recommended to use drivers from OSX on OSX86 Thanks ahead, Tommy.
  14. hack4ev3r

    Mac Or PC

    Definitely the Prescott from my experience 256 ram is not enough for OS-x tho i could be wrong btw Prescott has SSE3 so you can hack your way to mac-Intel
  15. hack4ev3r

    Noob Question - SSE3?

    lol i just keep this nick i have it for like 3-4 years when i was young and used to hack icq numbers lol