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  1. Diabolik, Inspite of using 10.4.5 ATINDRV and 10.4.7 IONDRVSupport, QE/CI would cause my machine to hand with 8.8.1 and 8.9.1 kernels. I tried multiple kernels with the same result. When I switched to 10.4.10 and the 8.10.1 kernel bundled with Koolkal, the problem went away. For me, while the packaged 10.4.5 ATINDRV and 10.4.7 IONDRVSupport were necessary, the 8.10.1 kernel was also required to make QE/CI stable. Thanks
  2. I have resolved this problem: while no one posted any info, there were quite a few views on this post, so I am sharing my experience in the hope that it helps others. After trying a lot of permutations and combinations, I still was not able to make it work on 10.4.8 or 10.4.9 [JaS, Semthex 8.8.1 or 8.9.1 kernels) What worked for me is 10.4.10 (8.10.1 kernel). This is the process I followed: 1. Install from scratch using MacOS 10.4.8 JaS SSE2/SSE3/PPF1 - Install the base/core packages and any add-ons you want (like X Server, or languages) - Do *not* install Natit, Titan, or any patches at this time - Do not install any fixes (LogonWindow, etc) unless you need them for any other reason (i.e you have other non-related problems) 2. Once you have created an admin user and logged in, do the following so that you can recover in case something goes wrong: - Drop into terminal - sudo su - (or su -, or some other way to use the shell as root) - mkdir /Backups (Note: Use upper case Backups and put the trailing 's'. Later on, the Koolall installer will create another folder called backup) - cp -R /System/Library/Extensions /Backups/Extensions_10.4.8 3. Upgrade to 10.4.10: I used the KoolKal installer here: Link - Things to be careful of, while using KoolKal: - Select the following: - MacOSX 10.4.10 Combo Intel Only - Kernel 8.10.1 SSE3 [if you have an SSE2 only CPU, you might be out of luck: this needs the 8.10.1 kernel) - Do *not* select 8.9.1 kernel - Patches and drivers: Do *not* select Natit here: doing that might give you a frozen blue screen. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! - Select any networking, SATA/ATA and/or audio drivers you need. However, if you have custom drivers (I have ALC882 audio) then you are better off not selecting any, for they might stop working. I had to go back to 10.4.8 AppleHDA to get audio back again. - Read/Write NTFS support: You might select that if you want: it caused minor disk corruption for me, but nothing chkdsk in windows couldn't fix - Hit the install button, and pray! - Reboot the system when prompted to do so - WARNING: The first time the system reboots, it might not go into the graphics login screen at all: you might see diskarb timeout errors and the system might reboot without letting you log in. This is okay for the first time. However, if this keeps on happening repeatedly, then you got a problem. - After the first time diskarb error reboot, you should be able to log into the system. - Select "Blue Apple"-->About this Mac to confirm that 10.4.10 is successfully installed. 4. Install Natit: Use Diabolik for X1600 here: Link - Do *not* install the Stock 10.4.9 ATI kexts - Install everything else: NatitX1600 kext, 10.4.5 ATINDRV and 10.4.7 IONDRVSupport - Drop into Terminal - sudo su - (or any other way to be root in the terminal) - vi /System/Library/Extensions/ATIRadeonX1000.kext/Contents/Info.plist (You can use nano, pico, or any other editor if you are not comfortable with vi) - Find the key IOPCIMatch - Add the following : "0x71C21002" to the list contained between <string> and </string> right below the IOPCIMatch line. Make sure you add a space before and after the 0x71C21002 string - Save the file and exit the editor - cd /System/Library/Extensions - chmod -R 755 * - chown -R root:wheel * - diskutil repairPermissions / - Reboot Now, you should have full working QE/CI that does not freeze! Please let me know (by posting here) if this worked for you.
  3. [Edit: This is now resolved: look at the next post for details.] Hi, I have a X1600 512MB with Device ID 0x71C2. If I use the installer posted on Diabolic's site, but do not add this device ID to the ATIRadeonX1000.kext Info.plist, then I get a good, stable, working system with changable resolution, but no QE/CI/rotation. If I add the device ID to the Info.plist, then the system boots up, System Profiler shows I have QE/CI/rotation, but the system goes into an almost-freeze state within minutes : the mouse pointer turns to the rotating beachball thingy and responds to movement, but all applications freeze up, and the system is unusable. If I use any OpenGL apps, the System goes into this state in seconds. I learnt from Diabolik that the problem is with my configuration, since 0x71C2 is very well supported by Natit. I have been doing a 10.4.8 JaS install from scratch/reboot followed by the JaS 10.4.9 upgrade/reboot followed by Diabolik's x1600 Installer/add dev id to ATIRadeonX1000.kext/reboot. However, the problem persists If you are fortunate enough to have X1600 working with full QE/CI on 10.4.9, will you be kind enough to share some files, so that I can compare my version to yours to see what I am doing wrong? I am looking for the following in /System/Library/Extensions - ATINDRV.kext - ATIRadeonX1000* - IONDRVSupport.kext - NatitX1600.kext Also, if you had to do anything additional (i.e over and above) what diabolik's installer does prior to reboot and successful install, please do share that as well. Thanks
  4. HFS+ Partition Error

    Well,I tried back with primary partitions, and sure enough, it worked. So it is safe to say that logical partitions will *not* work Cheers Ace
  5. HFS+ Partition Error

    I am facing the exact same error. Maybe this has someting to do with logical partitions. I had initially tried this with a 40 GB primary partition, and I could boot in. Rather than waste 33 GB, I decided to repartition into a 7 GB and a 33 GB partition (both logical) and retried. This time, I am getting errors. And, fdisk (I never got around to using cfdisk) shows partition type to be 'af'.