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  1. Hi Guys this is the jist, I hackintoshed my netbook but now it is time to sell my Hp Mini 110. But i tried recovering first with the roxio thing but it wouldnt work so i burned xp into my usb. and when it goes to the setup it gives me this blue screen that says (as it supposedly loads to windows which the computer doesnt) you need to restart your machine because of some error. Please i need help (urgent cash needs) Thanks!
  2. LOL stevie XD im sure hed love it if you send him that theme Lol.. His personal Mac would have this theme on haha
  3. hari93

    10.6.3 Released !

    Hey is it true that 6.3 does not support the atom processor now?
  4. hari93

    Audio I/O, Microphone and Sleep on Mini 9

    Um i know that you have to fix this separately or something. Try looking at one of the install guides. From watching videos I see some using this program to download the missing drivers... Try googling the porblem
  5. hari93

    10.6.3 Support for Atom again?

    *gasps* does this mean that netbooks can't be hackintoshed now? Because i am planing to get a Dell Mini 10v but it would suck if the update doesn't support hackintoshing