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  1. Ok, this is a mega silly behavior. I swapped the card with my old GT 240 and it works on 10.8.2... just like that. Only GTX 480 is borked.
  2. Pandora and Kakewalk installers with 10.8.5.... same problem continues. NVDAGF100HAL loads successfully, then either blank screen or freeze, for any boot flags!
  3. Nvidia driver does not work. Last one I tried: 10.8.5, with myHack installer. Boot options don't seem to change the outcome. I either get a blank screen or get stuck at the verbose boot. Could it be related to BIOS settings or a hardware issue? I recently upgraded the machine to 30GB of RAM, could it be related? I'm trying various BIOS settings. Nothing changes. BIOS is F4D. Also interesting is that the linux nvidia driver does not work either. Nouveau driver works. The video had worked for a good while on 10.8.0, BTW. I couldn't try the windows driver. Because I couldn't install windows 7 on a GPT partition. Could a DSDT help? How can I debug this issue, can anybody help me please? I am at a loss!
  4. Oh, I should try this right away. PS: There doesn't seem to be a suitable update for my gigabyte g.1 killer board....
  5. I tried bcc9's patch, it cannot apply. It says it may have already been applied :/
  6. @bcc9: Could this problem occur with Gigabyte G.1 Killer motherboard? http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3776 It's quite strange because I can boot installer from USB and it can install to SATA alright, but I can't use it as a root device, I'm going slightly crazy :'( PS: I last installed on top of existing Mountain Lion with myhack, and that worked. However, the patch cannot be applied, it says it has already been applied....
  7. Without PCIRoot option it does not boot at all. In current boot plist I already set that to Yes. However, there is no Kernel Cache to speak of as it was corrupted in the last time the system could boot. So it just reloads every kext on every boot and then hangs. bcc9 is right that most suggestions are invalid. I lost many days with irrelevant suggestions. I will try to disable kernel cache. It must have something to do with not being able to read GPT partition. The UUID is received correctly. But it then just b0rks the hell out.
  8. I'm not booting from USB. Booting from USB works fine. Booting from SATA doesn't work. My problem is with my SATA root device. Which used to work on mountain lion, but now does not! I just re-installed on top of existing installation using myHack. Absolutely nothing has changed. I am using Chameleon. Boot flags necessary are PCIRootUID=1 npci=0x2000 (or 0x3000 both seems to work). (and -v as well to see what's going on) It only hangs at still waiting for root device, everything else seems to be in order. I cannot boot into it no matter what I do, I tried installing injectors etc. as well. This is my motherboard http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3776#ov I'm using a western digital SATA drive. It doesn't matter where I attach it to.
  9. Hey there, I have a gigabyte g.1 guerilla BS board, and I'm trying to boot into a newly upgraded 10.8.0 with no success. Problems appeared after I tried to install a few network drivers, although I removed them my system became unbootable. My drive is SATA. Setting rd, rdisk does not work. Giving boot options does not seem to influence. Any suggestions on how to fix this silly error?
  10. Audio Stuttering and Memory Management

    Whoa bcobco thanks for the heads up. I use Jack on Linux, it works better than OS X native driver even without the realtime kernel.
  11. Audio Stuttering and Memory Management

    Here is some more for info: I'm trying out iTunes playback, setting iTunes and coreaudiod to realtime priority with renice. Stuttering diminishes to some extent, I think there is still some stuttering but this might be a temporary solution to those who experience it. UPDATE: stuttering still occurs if I open a few tabs in chrome. Terrible bug. I think this is an OS bug.
  12. Audio Stuttering and Memory Management

    @theconnactic: Hello there. Because there are numerous reports about Mountain Lion having a severe audio stuttering problem. I suspect it's the same one I'm having, therefore I predict nothing will help. Are you seeing *any* audio stuttering? There was absolutely NO audio stuttering in Snow Leopard. I did turn off hyperthreading. I turned off the dynamic pager. There is still stuttering. I am going to now test with Snow Leopard using the latest TC Electronic drivers, and see if there is stuttering there. It's really strange. I get stuttering even when I'm scrolling a web page. It's driving me crazy. There is no way I can produce music with such a terrible bug.
  13. Audio Stuttering and Memory Management

    It could be the single core overloading. System Info shows 8 cores, but I have 4, so I'm going to try turning off hyperthreading next. http://www.logicprohelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=88835
  14. Audio Stuttering and Memory Management

    I disabled swap. Crackling continues when I use Live. There is lots of Free memory and no page ins/outs at the present. Strange. What else could it be?
  15. Audio Stuttering and Memory Management

    Well, I've updated my sig. After the crackling started, when I quit Live, the crackling stops. Now I can play music on Clementine, Activity Monitor shows 2.1 GB free memory, and only 40 MB swap used. Things are snappy when this is the case. It's when the system is about to go out of free memory that this happens. There wasn't any spike in CPU use. Another bit of info, I'm using MacPro5,1 identifier.