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  1. For anyone having similar issues, I thought I would come back and post my solution. The problem (at least in my case) was heat. My NIC was under constant heavy load and it was overheating. I placed a fan near the NIC and all my stability problems disappeared. Again, the symptoms are: 1) Network setting in system preferences shows the NIC port is connected 2) ifconfig reports status active for the port 3) No network traffic seems to be getting through the port 4) "sudo ifconfig en0 down; sudo ifconfig en0 up" returns the port to working status 5) NIC may be under heavy load 6) NIC may be hot to the touch I hope this helps someone else. Mike
  2. I have been running an EXPI9301CTBLK Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter NIC in Lion for a couple of years. I did have to add it's device ID to IONetowrkingFamily.kext each time I did an OS update which was a bit of a hassle but the thing was rock solid. Upon upgrading to Mountain Lion, I found this NIC no longer worked even if I added the device ID to the kext. Maybe I was just doing something wrong this time. Because I was tired of messing with kexts, wanted something that worked OOB, and wanted a dual NIC I could aggregate, I decided to pick up the HP NC360T. It was reported to work OOB: http://wiki.osx86pro..._.28Ethernet.29 and seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. The NC360T is recognized OOB and initially seems to work, but I am having a strange intermittent problem with it. Every so often the connected port will stop responding (I haven't aggregated the ports yet). The Network preference pane shows it is still connected and an ifconfig shows it active but it doesn't seem to work at all. In order to get it to respond, I either have to: reboot - OR - sudo ifconfig en0 down sudo ifconfig en0 up Usually within a few minutes of reviving it in this manner, the port becomes unresponsive again. I am hopeful another NC360T owner can help me solve this problem. If not, I will be looking to buy yet another NIC that actually works OOB reliably. What NICs actually work reliably in Mountain Lion? I have heard the Rosewill RC-401-EX works well. It is a single port card and I'd rather have dual ports but at this point, I just want something that works reliably OOB. Any help is appreciated. Mike
  3. Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 is Available!

    I see. Maybe I was confusing the two. I'll take another look at the SMboardproduct. That is the one that is considered the product ID right? Mike UPDATE: I don't what I did differently this time but changing the SMboardproduct seemed to work! This is definitely the preferred solution because we don't have to mess with kexts at all. Thanks ianday!
  4. Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 is Available!

    OK, I apologize if my statement was misleading to anyone. I understood what was going on and I was blindly trying to help someone since I was not in front of my hackintosh at the time I was writing that. Now I am at my machine. I guess it is more accurate to say the tool randomly "generates" a week of manufacture and randomly "generates" a unique number in order to randomly "select" a real Mac serial number and ultimately "generate" the smbios.plist. By the way, although I verified this was a real Mac serial, it did not fix my KP which is the feedback I was trying to give in my original response. Mike
  5. Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 is Available!

    For anyone interested, I confirmed my KP could be cured in at least two ways: 1) Changing org.chameleon.Boot.plist from GraphicsEnabler = Y to GraphicsEnabler = N 2) Removing the ApplePolicyControl.kext from AppleGraphicsControl.kext in S/L/E I prefer the plist change so I don't have to mess with modifying kexts but that forces my Radeon HD 6870 to use Apple's display drivers. I get QE/CI but an incorrect framebuffer in the Apple drivers causes certain apps to crash (like DVD Player). So for now I am stuck deleting ApplePolicyControl. If anyone has an alternative, I would be extremely interested to hear it. Mike
  6. Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 is Available!

    Semantics. I guess I'm a bit mixed up since I'm not in front of my Hackintosh right now. I believe the tool calls it "random generation" but I could be mistaken. Sorry, I just don't see how this is material to the original poster's question. Mike
  7. Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 is Available!

    The tool I used to generate the ID is called Chameleon Wizard. It worked very well indeed and patched the file for me automatically. I then went to a web site (can't recall where off hand) where I checked that the ID generated by the tool would be a recognized ID of a real Mac by Apple. Good stuff. Mike
  8. Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 is Available!

    If you mean In smbios.plist change <key>SMcputype</key> <string>1281</string> To <key>SMboardproduct</key> <string>Mac-F221BEC8</string> then I don't think so. I generated a product ID but that didn't seem to do anything for my KP issue. I'll have to look into the SMcputype when I get home and see what my setting is. That may have something to do with the problem. I hope so, because I don't want to have to modify this kext with every update. Mike
  9. Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 is Available!

    Hey, don't knock it. I worked on my problem for a whole day but I didn't know where the ApplePolicyControl was so I didn't even get as far as deleting it. Without this tip, I would still be frustrated and looking for a solution. Mike
  10. Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 is Available!

    I have since generated a real product ID. That may help with iCloud (I suspect it will) but it didn't solve this problem. Thanks anyway. Thank you very much! This solved my KP! I suspect the tip from Wanna Hack would have worked too but I liked this one better so I tried it first. Everything seems to be working but I haven't had time to really put it through it's paces and benchmark the system. I am curious why this caused a problem. I'd rather not have to modify this kext every time I upgrade from here on out. Any ideas? Mike
  11. Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 is Available!

    Looking for some help form the experts. I was fine under 10.7.1 and the install seemed to go fine for 10.7.2 but I can't boot into it. Uploaded images of where it stops in verbose and the KP in safe. Any ideas? VERBOSE: SAFE:
  12. I have this same problem with a Radeon 4890. DVD Player crashes as does Temperature Monitor. I am also having problems with Premier. I think it is related to incorrect frame buffers being used but I haven't found a solution. Mike
  13. I have been able to install Lion on my unsupported Mac Mini via this method. Everything seems to work except the graphics drivers. The animation is choppy and I have no QE/CI. My Mini has the GMA 950 in it and it worked fine under 10.6.8. Anyone else seeing this problem? Any advice for getting QE/CI enabled? What I really can't understand is why my GMA 950 doesn't work when some of the newer Mac Minis and some Mac Books which are officially supported by Lion have the GMA 950. The drivers must be there so I wonder why they don't just work? Mike
  14. Anyone got Lion 10.7 installed on the 8510w? I got it installed but couldn't get a few things to work: Graphics QE/CI Airport Battery indicator Any advice would be much appreciated. Mike