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  1. ATI radeon hd4350.... i deleted every graphic card kext so that it wud boot without QE/CI and then i could fix up later... but it throws the same error!!!!
  2. Due I have got the same error and its irritating the hell out of me.... maybe yoiu can get past with botting With arch=i386, bit you may get stuck as many drivers require 64-bit ... like my Video Driver... it is a 64-bit driver..and them i am stuck at DSMOS has arrivedd.. any solutions???
  3. Hmmm... so the thing is that I have to boot with 32- bit mode to get through...thats the problem. 64-bit kext present in mountain Lion wont get the USB which is the boot device... booting with 32-bit get me thru but the graphic card kext is a 64-bit one and gives me an "dsmos has arrived" (struck)...... usekernelcache=no doesnt work tooo..... keep pouring in with suggestions people... we dont noe what may work......
  4. my mobo doesnt support AHCI...... i am looking foraward get hold of this DSMOS has arrived error!!!
  5. Hey guyz, so i was trying to install OSX ML on my PC.... and it turns out that i am stuck on DSMOS has arrived.... hmmm... I am booting in 32-bit mode using arch=i386 as 64-bit would get me a "Still waiting for Root device" error.. Any suggestions ????
  6. a very starnge thing happened...... i got through the error for twice bit after that iam still getting the old error....Still Waiting error. anayway ill try prepping USB from start and give a peep on what happend... did that solve the problem???
  7. I will try that for sure but .... the problem is in the USB..... i restored the USB image to a partition and booted from it. I was able to fix that error but stuck due to the fact my partiton was an MBR. Installation must be partitioned with HFS+. NEVERTHELES, i learned that the problem due to USB. May be mounting the install image on a external hardrive or partition with HFS may work!!!! Hurray!! Thanks a bosssob, deleting the platformsupport.plist fixes the issue...wooohoooo. but i get stuck at DSMOS has arrived .....thread link here ..... http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=276141
  8. i cant even get it to boot from 32....arch=i386 doesnt work!!!!
  9. HMMM. Yes, i have SATA in IDE, my mobo doesnt support AHCI , no option in BIOS..... It just worked fine with Snow Leopar and Lion... cant get it to work with ML annnnd ive got a custom dsdt which doesnt help.. same error.... even PCIROOTUID=0 doesnt work... ill try your suggestions later... Nope!! DG41RQ with ICH7..... cORE 2 QUAd 8300.... I have a ATI Radeon HD 4350..... @mnfesq...... even i am using Kexts from 10.6.7 ...... for PCI Config bein error
  10. Uh huh doesnt work.... same thing... neither does ioataFAMILY.KEXT
  11. I have got the same problem tried rd = diskxsy to no avail here is what i am getting......
  12. Hey guyz ive been into OSX86 for 2 years andand now i think i want to get my hands dirty. But how do you tinker with chameleon. I cant find the documentation no tutorials i have got the source code but what now?? how do i start pls gimme some resources!!!!
  13. Kext Unloading error

    Hey guyz, i just started with installing lion on my PC!!! AND for quite a time, i had {pci configurition begin] error , i fixed up this error by installing ACPI kexts from 10.6.7 n ADDING kernel flag npci=0x2000... hmm but wen i get to the installer screen , i choose the language ity shuts down.......... the error in verbose is ..... kext loading now disabled Kext unloading now disabled Kext auto unloading now disabled Kernel requests now disabled Com.apple.launchd Syncing disks.... Killing all processes Continuing Done CPU Halted any help wud be grtly appreciated............
  14. My ATI 4350 Solution With Snow Leopard 10.6.2

    hey, i have same graphic card as u? but 1 gb model....if u get this thing try one thing which u didnt mention in ur guide!!!! - Delete the Framebufferdisabler.kext in the extra directory that worked for me !!!!!!!
  15. guyz just installed iatkos s3 v2 succesfully on my PC. after succesful install SL refuses to boot. i only get working with "-x" safe mode... in normal boot after some time my screen hangs up.... like debris..in verbose it shows (cpu panic stuff) but f9 in safe mode... I was wondering how can i get HD4350 WRKING . I AM TOTAL NOOB. MY SPECS core 2 quad q8300 @ 2.50ghz intel dg41rq sapphire ati radeon hd 4350 3 gb ddr2 ram. PS. i found this method http://www.xhackintosh.com/ati-radeon-hd-4...pard-qe-ci.html but the files are down so anybody having the files Netkas Beta booter and 4[3-6]00 SL files please upload it here !!!!!! thanx in advance