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  1. Can windows repair a Mac?

    Is there any way to do this from within windows? I really screwed it up with linux last time. I am clueless with that. However, I installed macdrive and am looking at the OSX disk. Is there any sort of manual install I could perform from within windows? The problem with doing this all on the mac is that I can only make an external cdrom work. It's hating internal stuff. If I can't boot off of the USB cdrom (like OS 9 did) it won't work.... Could this all be done from within os 9?
  2. What is the one true faith (or lack thereof)?

    Flying Spaghetti Monsterism
  3. Can windows repair a Mac?

    A few years ago, when the iMac flat-panel/helmet-with-a-stick first came out, we sent away and got one. My grandmother was trying so hard to learn to use a computer and when we got the mac, she found it MUCH easier to learn that windows, so it was a great purchase. Later, I was bored and decided to experiment with linux on it. The cd-rom was playing up lately, so as my luck turned out, it died when the linux partitioning had just finished and the data was about to be sent over. I ended up replacing the cd-burner with one that we had from an external lying around. It worked well, but I decided that I was done messing with things I obviously didn't understand. So I went to restore Mac OS X, and when it went to check on the hardware, it found a non-proprietary cd-rw and decided to abort. LOVELY! With the OSx86 project, I was thinking if there was a way to set it up using my laptop via the external drive enclosure I stole the replacement cd-rw out of. I have used it as an enclosure before, and it works quite well. ANY help at all with this would be appreciated by both me and my grandmother immensely.