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  1. Thanks, rockinron_1 for taking time to answer me. In fact you pointed out a page of great value. I think that everyone who has a Time Capsule, or does backup on a NAS with Time Machine should read it. I managed to fix my backup. Elas, it's a mistery on why sometimes backups get corrupted... cheers, Elio
  2. Hi everyone, briefly. I was restoring OSX 10.8.2 from my time capsule when the Mac remained with no electrical power. The restore was interrupted, but I didn't bother. I still had my backup on the Time capsule! But, well the files became corrupted. I now have two files, one of which is reported as a sparse bundle and OSX is unable to mount it. I called the Apple Care service and the guy tried to convince me that the restore program is required to WRITE on the backup file. I cannot believe that a restore program should alter the backup file. If I had to write such a program, I would only open the backup file in read-mode. Is there anyone of you who knows something about the internals of the recovery process of Apple? Could he/she share his/her knowledge with us? I've so far seen 5 times on the Time Capsules in a year a corruption of the backup file, which in turn, requires you to start a backup anew. I admit that such backups were done over the wifi but, again, I cannot believe that an interrupted backup (mac side) on wifi cannot be managed to not corrupt the whole backup file. Thanks everybody Elio
  3. Thanks Westwaerts, in my Hackintosh, the dongle loads but doesn't work. The driver is then saying "no card is present". But, could you please, be so patient to explain in general terms what " rewrite your DSDT in case of all USB subjects" actually means? I'm a good will guy, akeen at studying, but I've not found a document to understand how to rewrite e DSTD and a bit of theory enough to start experimenting. I understand that I'm likely to ask a big work. But if such a document doesn't exist on this site, it would be a great add-on. I will appreciate, also, links to documents which could help me understand this matter, if nyou know of any. Thanks again Elio
  4. Hi there, I've a problem which I'd like could be discussed the most generic way. Scenario. I have a iATKOS S3 v2 (Snow Leopard 10.6.3), on which I want to install a wifi dongle, DWL G122 ver C1. Having already tried different iATKOS choices, I've put the dongle on a true SNOW Leopard 10.6.4. where it gets recognized immediately. What I would like to understand is, how could one reckon which kext is being loaded on the Mac? And how can one transfer the working kext from the mac to the Hackintosh? I think that, a clear, although general discussion of this topic, could boost the users experience and eventually help increasing the value of what the users of this forum could feed back. Thanks for reading Elio
  5. Caro Giorgio_Multi, ho provato con successo il tuo CD. Notebook SAMSUNG Q320, Intel Core2/duo. Il DVD di Snow Leopard ha girato perfettamente fino alla fine della installazione. Penso che per te questo equivalga ad un successo. Mi sento quindi in obbligo di segnalarlo nel forum. Per ora però, non ho le Quartz extreme, e mi manca il suono. Sullo stesso hardware con Leopard ho le quartz extreme riconoscendo la scheda grafica come una GeForce 9800 GX2. Farò ancora dei tentativi di personalizzazione, anche se forse non sarà questo il posto per commentare una installazione completa. Grazie comunque, per ora Elio