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  1. Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    I have an nVidia GTX 560 Ti as well. I tried checking out what the device ID is in Windows but I'm not sure which number it would be. My best guess is that it's 1200, can anyone that knows their stuff confirm this for me?
  2. The Bestest Cheapest OSX PC

    I appreciate the replies, i'll probably end up going with one of those combos.
  3. I am an ex-hackintosher and in the past month I've been trying to install osx on about 3 different laptops with zero luck. I have $400 to spend on just a tower, which I can build myself but I've been so out of the game that I don't know what works anymore. I know I could spend hours reading every post along with their many pages but I was curious if any of you would like to help me out? I am looking for a stable PC configuration that could run 10.5.7 with little hiccups. I am not looking to overclock this tower so I am opento many motherboard choices with sound/LAN working, I am even open to integrated graphics since this is a development build for the iPhone SDK. I am looking for an intel build, one with a cheapo core 2 processor (pentium they call them now?). All in all, I'm just asking if you guys/gals would have a good motherboard suggestion for anlow budget build? I always appreciate the help!
  4. 10.5 on a Toshiba 2410

    Hello all, I have been a user here since way back when it was only osx86project but I am completely out of the loop. I finally saved up enough money for a unibody macbook pro and I'm loving it. I have been getting into a new hobby of navigational rallies and my navigator and I would like to write an iPhone app to make the process a little simpler. The problem is that he has nowhere near enough money to buy himself an apple at the moment and we'd like to get started on developing this iphone app ASAP. He has a Toshiba Satellite 2410. This machine is about 5 years old but it does support SSE2! I know you guys and gals despise people like me who throw out some specs and expect a walkthrough. All I would need is for someone to possibly recommend me a hacked leo distribution that would work on an older system like this and I can research the rest. I just don't want to waste my time downloading distribution after distribution on my capped(@30kb/s for torrents) Bell Sympatico connection. I am getting too old for that, haha. I have gathered the specs for this machine and I believe it would work. I have posted the specs of this laptop below and I GREATLY appreciate anyone's help. I just need a step in the right direction. CPU: Pentium 4 - M 2Ghz SSE2 RAM: 512mb DDR SDRAM HD: 40GB IDE Motherboard: All I can find is that it has a 400mhz bus speed GPU: Nvidia GeForce4 Go 420 and that's about it. thank you in advance!
  5. I have been at this all night trying to get osx working on this stupid laptop. I first tried the Kalyway dvd that worked flawlessly on my desktop but it would hang on boot with the inspiron 1420. I red around the forums and it seems iAtkos is the best dvd for these dell laptops. I patched it up with the v1.0r2 patch and then v1.0ir3 patch. The DVD boots fine and everything, but when i go to format the partition in disk utility nothign shows up. Has anyone had this issue before, its driving me nuts. Could it be a bad iso or something in the bios? I have the drive set to AHCI. Here are some specs: Dell Inspiron 1420 1.5Ghz C2D 2gb of 667mhz ram basic dvd burner dell 1390 wireless 120gb sata drive don't really know what to add here that would be useful. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I have a Creative X-fi sound card and a Gigabyte P35C-DS3R motherboard and I am about to install 10.5.1. I am going to install it with vista on a second ahrd drive and want to use the x-fi for vista. Does anybody know if I can make the integrated sound work in OSX whithout having to take it out. Can I just enable the "automatic" setting in the bios where I choose if I want the integrated audio disable or not?
  7. Leo on my PC...ideas

    Alright, here is my situation. I'm thinking of reformatting my PC from scratch. I've installed Tiger many times on my old machine when I had a 7600GT. I've upgraded my GPUs to an 8800GTX and since then have not tried OSX. Can anybody help me out with what I need to get OSX on my new PC, I've been out of the game for so long... My specs are: E6420@3.2ghz Gigabyte P35C-DS3R rev. 1 Creative X-fi Xtremegamer (I know this won;t work, i'll jsut use integrated) Realtek ALC889a sound 4gb of ram 2X 250gb drive in raid 0 EVGA 8800GTX My motherboard seems to be popular here, can anyone recommend me a leo disc (I don;t need a link), I jsut need the name of it, that could possibly support my hardware. Does leo support raid on the ICH9r chipset yet? I'd like to install vista along with OSX, how should I dual-bot with vista. I've done this many times with tiger, but now i'm lost, any one mind leading me in the right direction?
  8. *** GeForce 8800 G80 ONLY - Easy Installer & Tutorial ***

    mac.nub, any updates on when you think you will make your dvd available? I haven't installed OSX in ages because of lack of support for my mobo and GPU. Finally, your all-in-one disc looks to be very promising. Sorry if I sound like a nag, don't mean to, thanks for all the work put into this, its nice to see the 8800 finally working.
  9. have you tried booting into single user mode and just try re-installing natit?
  10. thats going to be a beauty, although, does the p5k3 support DDR2 memory? i thought that was a ddr3 only board, no? This thing should fly, i really regreat not gettign the p5k, I want audio!
  11. ATi 2600

    its not much bette,r haha, not wortht he trouble, its pathetic that apple put a better video card int he macbook pro than this, its not even the xt version.
  12. Anyone know the chipset/audio new iMac uses?

    no, its not the QX6700, its a new mobile version of the C2D extreme, i think x7800 or something like that (laptop veriosn),a the Qx is a quad. The thing still has an 800mhz FSB, haha, apple is pathetic with their desktops, using mobile processors...
  13. Intel P35 ICH9 Works! [ ASUS P5K]

    so the original bios should still have it enabled? or at least the option to enable it?
  14. Building a Mac Pro...

    can't you just get a server mobo with the same chipset, why does it have to be the apple mb?