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  1. http://www.google.com/search?q=mini-pci+pc...lient=firefox-a You just need to know the words to search for Google is still my best friend. If its a minipci thats possible. I dont know about miniPCI-E The dealextreme link seems pretty good.
  2. falseadress

    Reboots after pressing F8

    Hey, I have a Compaq EVO 510 SFF. It runs Mac osx 10.4.8 fine. But when i try Leopard, It just reboots 20 secconds after i press f8 and -v -x. Is there a hardware limitation of this? Does Leopard must need sse3? Specs of this comptuer is 2 ghz P4 80 gb DVD burner, i845G chipset. Intergrated graphics.
  3. falseadress

    OSX 10.4.8 JaS SSE2/SSE3 boot issue

    I installed the OSX 10.4.8 Jas and it worked perfectly. No wireless or ethernet. I lost my cable while i was trying to upgrade the hard drive so i used a iPod hard drive stuffed in an enclosure. It runs pretty good.
  4. falseadress

    scroll wheel

    How did you get Wireless working? I get a kernel panic after i install the drivers for the wireless. What driver did you use for internet?
  5. falseadress

    Problems With Installing Hackintosh

    Hello? Anyone?
  6. falseadress

    soo close....help

    Try switching the slave to master and same with the DVD drive. and try swtiching the ide cables.
  7. falseadress

    soo close....help

    i also get disk I/O error and sometimes a 0x00000047 error I have 80 G Seagate hard drive, i tried changing master, slave and cable select. I use Pata. I have Nforce 4 chipset, amd 3800+, ati 1600x. the systm supports the macintosh because i got it installed before. But the other hard drive was so noisy so i used htis one.
  8. falseadress

    Mouse & keyboard not working?

    Try using a usb keyboard, that is what i did and it fixed it.
  9. falseadress

    Problems With Installing Hackintosh

    Its using ide, i don't know what problem it is, i tried almost everything
  10. falseadress

    Problems With Installing Hackintosh

    Its using ide, i don't know what problem it is, i tried almost everything
  11. I have a bunch of problems installing Hacintosh. I have a amdx2 3800+ processor, and i have a a8n-la motherboard with ati x1600. Everything works except for sound. I had everything working great until i switched to a new hard drive. I tried reinstalling but it kept on saying disk i/o error or error 0x0000047. I get on the disk utilities and i try to format the disk, it says disk i/o error and i can't format or do anything. How do i fix this?I tried many install disks, the jas 10.4.7 and 10.4.4
  12. falseadress

    Really Annoying Problem

    does any1 hav a shoulution?
  13. if u dled the disks there ususally f***ed dl a different 1 that is what i did
  14. falseadress

    Would you tick this box?

    i would certainly trust microsoft................. ............................ .......................... ..................... .............................in blowing up my comp
  15. falseadress

    Really Annoying Problem

    I have this really annoying problem with osx86 i cant seem to get it to instal anymore i have a8n- la mobo amdx2 usb 2.0 firewire 250 hdd sata (cant be used) 10 gb ata sometimes it detects it but somethimes it dosent dvd burner the comp is made by HP and it model is a1520n i can boot from dvd and sometimes it can detect the hdd but most of the time it cant. any1 have same problem?