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  1. OK, Im still lost. Others haved asked with no response, but I have kernel version 9.4 (iPC). Where can I get either the latest kernel or the necessary kext. You only have the kext for versions 9.5 and 9.6. I don't have a retail version of 10.5, I do have one for 10.2 . Any suggestions would be great, I have OSX86 tools to install these changes. I think i understand how to set this all up, but I cant find the files. Thanks, Josh
  2. Disk image crash when mounting

    OOOOO, for the record, I only searched with Image mounting issues, not DMG. Thanks for pointing that out. i will take a look at it. Josh
  3. Disk image crash when mounting

    OK, where are those files located? Or where Do i find out the versions? Thanks, Josh I found out the files i think. They are not the same version. Seatbelt.kext - version 107.10 kernel / system.kext - version 9.4.0 I just downloaded iPC last week, and installed it. So, it cant be that old. Thanks, Josh
  4. Hi, When ever I try to mount a disk image (I just installed iPC 10.5.6) it crashes the system (gray alpha background with error in multiple languages). I have tried to mount several .dmg files (iTunes installer, VLC, quicktime) All crash. But I tried mounting an image, that is over 2 years old (Sim City 4 trial), it works fine. All these images are able to mount on my PowerBook g4. So, i tried running the dmg files multiple times, restarting. Any suggestions? Thanks, Josh
  5. Well, Im not sure, but how do you modify your BIOS for this, I downloaded the file from the site, but have no idea how to run it. The mobo is a ASrock 4core1333 esata2. Thanks, Josh
  6. O, i mean, I did reboot after the installation, and i got those issues. I then rebooted again after that and then it works. Thanks, Josh
  7. I have an internal SATA DVD burner that used to always show up. I had this hackintosh for almost a year now and it always worked. Now lately it just started to not show up. It is not seen in disk utility either. It is getting power, because the light comes on and the drive opens when i press the drives button. Could it be the drive? It is a Lite-on drive. I also have a second CD burner, but its connected over IDE, that is always working, so far. Thanks, Josh
  8. Well, it just came to me, I eneded up modifying the file remotely using my powerbook and it worked. I still would like to know why that was the case though.
  9. Hi, Its all set now. I just restarted the computer and it works now. BTW, i had to create Koushiro for the forum, because all my passwords where gone. Thanks, Josh
  10. I Cant open Text edit to modify kext during 10.5.6 upgrade. I cant open any application. I have not rebooted yet. Thanks, Josh
  11. HI, Is it possible to get my floppy drive to work on my mac? Its connected over the floppy port. Its a Rosewill floppy drive, it lights up on startup, but then the light goes off after the apple logo appears. Thanks, Josh
  12. 10.5.6 RTC patch question

    Hi, I have 10.5.5 Kallyway. I read instruction on upgrading to 10.5.6 and it mentioned a RTC patc, I beleive I already did that previously, I remember seeing that program to do it. Do I have to do it again anyways? Thanks, Josh
  13. menus are not transparent

    For Core image, it says : Hardware Accelerated For Quartz Extreme, it says : Supported
  14. menus are not transparent

    Hi, After installing osx86, i just noticed that the menus are not transparent. The menu bar itself is, but when i click on a menu it is solid white. I believe the menu is supposed to be transparent, right? My graphics card is a nvidia 8600 thanks, Josh
  15. Hi, I just bought a floppy drive media card reader for my hackintosh. The media card part works just fine, but when i insert a floppy drive nothing shows up on mac os, no sound or lights when i insert the disk either. It works when the system is booting. The floppy drive (floppy connector to motherboard) is separated from the card reader,(USB). The brand is Rosewill from Newegg. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820223072 According to Rosewill the floppy drive is compatible with macs. Thanks, Josh