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  1. Boot0: done Boot0: error

    I also followed this tutorial and installed chameleon and bootthink Now i am left with boot0: error, and reflaging doesn't work.
  2. Boot0: done Boot0: error

    I had recently formatted everything and installed windows XP (1st) in a 25GB partition and Mac OS 10.5.8 in the rest. I am about to load into MAC directly if I have the ideneb disk inside. But otherwise, First I got boot0: MBR boot0: done boot0: error I did some research and tried to use OSx86 tools to install chameleon EFI and now I have boot0: done boot0: error I have tried to mark my Mac OS partition as active using fdisk -e/dev/rdiskX Didn't work. I also tried to use my ideneb disk to reinstall Chameleon v2, but it didnt work as well I looked up everywhere but everyone are just saying different stuff....Can some help me out please? Thanksssss!!!!
  3. Hello, I am having a little trouble modifying my files in external harddrives and memory cards. I can only "read" but cannot modify files (ie copy files from my computer) I searched this topic a little and find that Mac can only modify drives that are formatted into Fat32 or HFS+. I checked my drives.... and they are in FAT32 format... Some help would be very nice Thank you!
  4. Kernal Panic? little help please

    Thanks a lot for your help bro! Judging from your professional experience, do you think the panic problem are fixed, theoretically? Eww, I don't have another Hard drive Do you think I can 1) Install windows on the empty PARTITION 2) after everything is installed, Insert Ideneb disc in, and JUST install the bootloader v2.0 into the Mac PARTITION? Would it work this way?
  5. Kernal Panic? little help please

    Yup, panic during the first restart; After replacing with your code, I can login without any error message, but Chameleon v2 logo is gone and it automatically runs into Mac with the grey apple logo (instead of the silver one) I don't have Windows OS installed, I divided my Drive into two partitions, the one named WINDOWS is currently empty. I am afraid to install windows into that empty partition as I believe it will screw up my bootloader of Mac. I am probably going to annoy you about this in the future I tried VM fusion but it always freezes during installation.
  6. Kernal Panic? little help please

    The bootloader seems to work better now, at least I see that diminishing bar where it automatically count downs and login to Mac, got another message (see attachment); Nevertheless another panic after loading into mac, scared the {censored} out of me, afraid that wont be able to login again! well second restart seems fine. Thanks
  7. Kernal Panic? little help please

    Here I zipped the pictures. picture 1-4 shows the error message I got during start-up, doesn't seem like anything was changed, it took me couple of restarts to get them because they went away really fast. During one of the restart I got a panic (attached as well) Thanks. error_screenie.zip
  8. Kernal Panic? little help please

    Here you go, thanks. com.apple.Boot.plist.zip
  9. Kernal Panic? little help please

    Some how I cant find the systemconfiguration file under preferences anymore (perphas because of the disk utility fix?) and I did used textedit before to post the contents
  10. Kernal Panic? little help please

    bplist00Ô_device-propertiesVKernelWTimeout\Kernel FlagsP[mach_kernelQ5%,4ABNP I just installed the hack with a ideneb v1.6 disc into a formatted drive. I ran the disk utility and repaired disk and permissions, yet I am not sure whether it had fixed the problem or I am just lucky for now by chance (ie, no freeze ) Thanks again
  11. Kernal Panic? little help please

    sorry I don't seem to find the extra folder under drive root, here is wt i got from diskutil list hippocampuss-px721aa-aba-m7160n:~ Hippocampus$ diskutil list /dev/disk0 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: FDisk_partition_scheme *232.9 Gi disk0 1: DOS_FAT_32 WINDOWS 35.1 Gi disk0s1 2: Apple_HFS Mac 197.8 Gi disk0s2 hippocampuss-px721aa-aba-m7160n:~ Hippocampus$
  12. Kernal Panic? little help please

    can I just run the disk utility through the mac os itself? (ie start from spotlight) http://img51.imageshack.us/i/dsc4355.jpg/ http://img402.imageshack.us/i/dsc4356s.jpg/
  13. Kernal Panic? little help please

    I am totally noob with computer programming stuff lol. I ran the software, now it doesn't automatically load into mac (with the time limit bar thingy that diminishes), I have to actually click a key to login, and now I got a message in the loader with a message like start-up encountered an error, pausing for 5 seconds. the computer itself doesn't freeze very often so I am not entirely sure if the program is fixed, while having to fix the start up error :X
  14. Thanks a lot, but now I figured out that drives and partition are different haha. In this case, I have actually 2 partitions, one 35GB one 200GB, both under one drive. I downloaded VM fusion and tried to create a virtual machine and install windows in the 35GB (formatted to Mac Journaled) and the computer freezes during installation. when I restart I got a boot failure, I boot the ideneb disc and format the windows drive, and next I got another boot failure with something like non-system disc; I think somehow during the installation the windows drive marked itself as active. So i had to boot the ideneb disc again and remark my mac drive as active... Do you think its a good idea to install windows (through VM fusion) to my Mac partition? Would this, theoretically cause any trouble? Thanks a lot
  15. Occasionally I get this panic and the computer freeze, I have no idea what does this mean, may some one kindly help me out please? Sometimes it just freeze without any codes. Thanks a lot!