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  1. Hi y'all, Everything is working out of the box on my Vanilla Snow Leopard install. I am quite happy with it, but I can't seem to get my touchpad recognized as a trackpad or even function as a trackpad. I tried a couple of VoodooPS2 kexts, but none of them seems to be working. Every time when I click on VoodooPS2 prefpane in my System Preferences, I get the following error: ApplePS2SynapticsTouchpad not found Error The Trackpad preferences just returns with "Looking for a trackpad" (via bluetooth). I installed all the kexts through Kext Wizard and Kext Helper, but none of them seem to work. I hope someone can help me out, with creating the almost perfect Hackintosh . BTW, QE and CI doesn't seem to work either, but that can be caused because I installed the 8600M GT (generic) DSDT, while I have the 8400M. But that is a minor issue . Works Thanks in advance! EDIT 2: Two finger scrolling is magicly working... But still I can't change the settings as voodooPS2 still crashes . Damn!
  2. You could unmount your primairy partition and than mount it again when you are done installing.
  3. I had the same problem and for me the fix from sonotone's package worked great. Hoewever I cannot say if it is going to brake anything...
  4. You can remap the command/control buttons through the keyboard and mouse settings It's very easy! I have a small problem with your package sonotone. When I install the package (NvInject (not working for my 8400m GS btw), Macbook Pro SMBIOS, full power management, scrollilng for M1530 and media keys) my bluetooth stops working :S. I am using the M1530 and iAtkos 4.0i. Anyone having the same problems with a solution?
  5. I reinstalled iAtkos 4.0i today Sound is working after sleep (Sigmatel 9205 with the kext's from Lofn) My touchpad isn't working correctly after sleep, clicking (tapping) is disabled Bluetooth isn't working anymore :S someway or another.. (maybe another reinstall?) Shutdown/Restart isn't working... (NVKush)
  6. There is a typo in your 1.1 package. On the Speedstep install-thingy it says "developpement", which should be "development" of course . For the rest you have a very niec and great package!! Well done and keep on going. Also check out http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=867826 < that post.
  7. Thanks Lofn, Your solution also worked fine on my Dell XPS M1530 with Sigmatel 9205, while the installer from sonotone didn't work (9205 and 9228). However when I repaired the permissions on the ALCInject file, sound didn't work anymore without a sleep solution :S The AppleHDA file alone doesn't work either btw. EDIT: Anyone got a good solution for clicking on the trackpad? I used sontone's package but now it isn't working as good as before :S
  8. I also have a free solution which is also good to use! I used the Ultimate Boot CD and then I went to Hard disk tools > Low Level Editing and I used the PDT Editing tool or something like that. Works great if you know a bit of DOS and it is free too! Thanks for the great tutorial, but also include yahoop his table because I had the same 'problem'. It worked great here too on my M1530
  9. Alex3305

    Windows Experience Index Scores

    I've got a.5.5 on the Index. My subscores are: Processor: 5.9 RAM: 5.5 Graphics: 5.9 3D Graphics: 5.9 HDD: 5.8 Specs: Proc: Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz (Stock) RAM: 8GB DDR2 G.e.I.L. 800Mhz RAM Graphics: Geforce 8800GT @ stock HDD1: 320GB Seagate HDD2: 320GB Samsung HDD3: 500GB WD (external)
  10. Do the internal SATA drives also work in RAID or non-RAID configurations? And I am going to put in 8GB of RAM
  11. Alex3305

    [OSX86]nForce4 kernel panic

    Last bump (I guess),, Does no one seems to know what causes this problem and a solution for it?
  12. Alex3305

    [OSX86]nForce4 kernel panic

    *** bump *** Although I already read a lot of posts about nForce4 and also the SATA problem and fix, I can't seem to figure out why it isn't booting :/
  13. Hi y'all, I am kind of new to this forum (but not to OSX86, although I am quite a n00b at this ) and I recently have bought a new notebook, it's a Targa but that really doesn't matter .. The notebook got a nForce4 chipset (Chipset: C51, Southbridge: MCP51) and I want to install OSX on it. So I tried to boot OSX86 10.4.1 and I got a kernel panic, then I tried 10.4.7 (JaS) and I also got a nice kernel panic. I've read of others which cannot seem to get disk utility to work, but I even can't get in the friggin' installer and it's driving me kind of crazy . I also read that SATA is the problem of this and I think my drives are connected with SATA although SIW (System Information for Windows) says its connected through ATA in one window and in the other it says it's connected through IDE-SATA... Anyway here are the rest of my specs, maybe that it has another clue why it isn't booting: MSI MS-1638X Motherboard (nForce4 410/430?) AMD Turion X2 TL-52 processor 1GB (2x512MB) DDR2 RAM Geforce Go 7700 256MB graphic card 160GB 5400RPM Harddrive @ ATA or SATA port? DVD-RW connected @ IDE (?) Thanks in advance and I hope my post is according to the rules - Alex3305 -
  14. Alex3305

    Error IOPCCardBridge: star failed

    I also had this problem. The problem was that we forgot to install the patches like SSE2 and Intel Combo Update. It should work if you install those, you can check them when you click Advanced Install just after you choosed your harddisk. Good luck !
  15. Alex3305

    Realtek RTL8187(L)

    @Rammjet, thanks for the fast reply. Your right about the Netgear WG111, but if you search any further you can find that there are 2 versions. The first version indeed has the Prism 54 chipset but the second version has a Realtek driver. BTW there are OSX drivers from Realtek themselfs and from Sagem too btw, but they appearently not work on Intel Macs....