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  1. Thanks for the help! I'm a Mac noob but I survive Linux fine. Where can I find that log?
  2. I didn't try scsi nor vmware tools nor extra drivers but had already given it 2 gb and 2 cores. The strange thing is that the update to 10.6.3 went through flawessly and the virtual machine runs at very acceptable speed, it's just on large packages that is starts installing and it gets progressively slower as it approaches the end which it never reaches.
  3. I'm out to try this method. I've tried a VM already prepared from a torrent and it runs and feels great but I can't get large packages to install. No Iphone SDK no iPhone Simulator or anything close to 150MB. Programming for the iPhone was the purpose of the Snow Install and since I've got already 3 OS's in my laptop I'm not in the mood for a 4th one will all the boot fuss.
  4. Thanks for the guide. I'll use it to check whether my vm is correctly configured.
  5. Well, lucky you I never managed to get an instalation to reach the end no matter how much I liked VirtualBox and how many chances I gave it. VMWare did a little better but in the end (and when reboots came into play) it borked too, so I ended up using a pre-made image and I'm better off.