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  1. While surfing, I accidentally found a newer version of Snow Leopard by Hazard (10.6.6) which boots fine and works without random crashes. So yea, I guess that "fixed" it. I wish I knew about that before I wasted my time thinking the iATKOS S2 was the only Snow Leopard option that I had to work with.
  2. I already linked my specs in the original post. Just click where it says "Gateway MT6728 laptop". I'll edit the post and try to split it into paragraphs, sorry.
  3. I'm trying to get some version of Snow Leopard to work on my Gateway MT6728 laptop. I tried a DVD by Hazard, but it hangs when booting the disc. iATKOS S3 v2 boots up and installs without a problem. However, when OS X boots up (after it's installed) I sometimes get a kernel panic and sometimes I don't. Sometimes it drops to the black verbose screen with tons of memory dumps and errors (which are never the same), and then sometimes it shows the standard kernel panic screen with the large picture of the power button. It's completely random, but after lots of experimenting it seems like it's a 1 in 5 chance to get it to boot without a kernel panic. I said to myself, "Fine, I don't mind turning it off and on about 5 times as long as it works eventually". Everything within OS X works great.....at least until I was writing something up in LaTeX and got a kernel panic then. Nothing too important was lost, but I knew that in the future I need to do my work on a stable system. I've must've installed the darn thing at least 25 times with different installation options (patches, drivers, modified kernels, etc.), but it still boils down to the same random crashes. Once, I thought I had it by ditching some desired 32-bit drivers to force it to run in 64-bit mode, but I eventually got a panic on boot. The randomness is really annoying to work with and troubleshoot. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this. Maybe I'm missing something here? Or, is there another way to get Snow Leopard working on this machine that maybe I don't know about? Thanks for your time.
  4. Latest Tiger retail DVD

    10.4.6 is the latest retail disc according to Apple's website and amazon.com. http://www.amazon.com/Apple-Mac-Tiger-10-4...8079&sr=8-1 http://www.apple.com/macosx/tiger/ (right side of the page)
  5. Has anyone gotten OS X to recognize all the storage devices connected to the ICH8DH? I installed "JaS 10.4.8 Intel Only" (with the Jmicron patch) via a USB DVD-ROM drive and it found my SATA hard drives fine. But OS X still has a problem finding my 2 PATA DVD drives. I tried using this patch, but it didn't work: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=51422 I also found the device ID (2812) for the ICH8DH in this document: ftp://download.intel.com/design/chipsets/...dt/31305709.pdf I inserted the device ID/vendor ID into a few of the Apple/Intel storage kexts and got no results. Has anyone found a solution for this yet? I only seem to find solutions for ICH8 & ICH8R chips, but never the ICH8DH.
  6. Spotted!

    I work at Geeksquad and one day I installed some memory into some guy's Toshiba laptop. After the installation, I powered it on and it booted into OS X. I smiled and said, "Hey, I've done that." It also made me wonder why someone who got a Hackintosh working needed to pay to get memory installed.
  7. I'm having the same problem with this motherboard as well. I not sure if Tiger (10.4) supports that network controller. If you look in the /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext there are plugins for AppleIntel8254x & AppleIntel8255x. Since we have a 8256x controller, I don't think it'll work. I've tried starting a thread but no one can confirm this. I've read on other threads of people getting their 8257x controllers working, so I don't know if my theory is 100% correct.
  8. ICH8 & ICH8R Patch for Intel P965 Mobo Jmicron

    Let me first state that my problem is not being able to see/use my PATA devices in OS X. My SATA hard drives work fine in Native-IDE mode. I confirmed the device ID with this document: ftp://download.intel.com/design/chipsets/...dt/31305709.pdf I inserted "0x28128086" into the info.plist of both AppleAHCIPort.kext & AppleVIAATA.kext. I then opened IOATAFamily.kext and the only other thing I could edit in there was the info.plist of the AppleIntelATAPIIX.kext (which was in the plugins folder). Cleared kextcache, repaired permissions, and then rebooted. My PATA devices still don't show up. Am I doing anything wrong here? Is there anyway someone can make a patch for ICH8DH? I've only seen patches/solutions for ICH8 & ICH8R.
  9. I was looking in the IONetworkingFamily.kext and saw 2 Intel plugins in there: AppleIntel8254x.kext & AppleIntel8255x.kext. I was wondering if there is a kext for Intel 8256x networking controllers for us with Intel gigabit LAN devices. If not, has anyone been able to find a workaround to get an Intel gigabit LAN working? I know that all the new official Mac hardware has some sort of built-in gigabit LAN, but I'm guessing that they use either a Realtek or Marvell controller instead of an Intel. Can anyone confirm this?
  10. Sigmatel 9271 (STAC9271) driver

    Yea, took me awhile to find how to do that. Thanks for the response. I'm uploading it incase someone else needs it. Worked like a charm by the way. STAC9271D.txt
  11. ICH8 & ICH8R Patch for Intel P965 Mobo Jmicron

    My board's specs say that I have a (ICH8DH) southbridge. I tried your ICH8R patch first, but it didn't work. I then tried the ICH8 patch and that didn't work either. I did all the "chmod" stuff, "diskutil repairpermissions", and rebooted each time so I don't think I'm doing it wrong. Does my board need one that specifically supports ICH8DH? It's an Intel DG965WH board.
  12. Sigmatel 9271 (STAC9271) driver

    Is there any Linux driver for this audio codec that I can use along with HDA patcher? If not, is there any work around to get the STAC9271 working?
  13. School just got out, so I had time to screw around with this OS X install again. I finally got the basic install working after a few days. I'm still trying to get the audio and gigabit LAN working. I'll post back with full instructions once I try to tackle these other issues.
  14. This thread is meant to be a collection of success stories for installing Mac OS X on a computer with an Intel DG965WH motherboard. I stayed up all night reading through the forums trying to get ANY version of OS X to install on an Intel DG965WH. I've seen that everyone who owns this motherboard has the dreaded "Still waiting for root device" error when trying to boot from the OS X disc. My machine also suffers from the same problem and after a whole night of reading and testing, I'm back at square one like most of the other people with this motherboard. However, during my search, I saw a few people that claim to have got this motherboard working, but their instructions were either wrong, or they were rather vague in their descriptions. So what I'm asking is for anyone, who has successfully installed OS X with the Intel DG965WH motherboard inside their machine, to please provide us with detailed directions of what they did or post links to someone else's detailed directions. There are still a lot of us who are very close to shooting ourselves from trying to get this motherboard to work, so we will be greatly appreciate of your responses. Thanks.
  15. So would this reason also cause my Realtek HD audio to not work? In previous versions of Tiger my HD audio worked via the AppleHDA.kext and now in 10.4.8 I got nothing. By the way, thanks for all the input and help from everyone.