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  1. Hi guys, anyone tried the latest XPS 9550 1.2.18 BIOS with MacOS yet? Reddit comments overall give it good reviews.
  2. I tried doing the same for my iPod device, and I can see the virtualbox is connecting it (it has a checkmark next to it) but the os x doesn't recognize it not in itunes and not in xcode.. I was wondering which usb kext you found maybe it's one of them? hope you have some advice for me pavel
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    Sorry for not replying earlier, work and all and I didn't get a notification about your reply in e-mail (odd ) .. I tried formatting to fat32 and still don't see it ... i still see my first HD with only 128GB.. i might put a clean HD (old samsung 40GB that i don't use) just to try out installing on it .. trouble is i won't be able to do much after.. I'd have to keep reconnecting.. I'll do it on Friday if i don't find a solution until then.
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    No Destination To Select

    I’m having this problem since the first time i tried installing osx on my machine (was 10.4.6 at the time and now 10.4.8) and i’ve read through the forums but I didn’t really get the asnwer i was searching for. The problem is this, I get to the installer just fine, then I haven’t got a disk available on the installation screen so i go into the disk util and there i see only my physical drive with my windows partition (for some reason it’s only 128gb and not 256gb as it’s seposed to be) and mounted osx dvd but not the other partition i’ve created via diskpart. Now, I’m sorta scared to format the only partition i can format in OSX installer since my hd contains a lot of things i’d rather keep .. Here is what my diskpart says: DISKPART> list disk Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt ——– ———- ——- ——- — — * Disk 0 Online 233 GB 0 B DISKPART> list partition Partition ### Type Size Offset ————- —————- ——- ——- Partition 1 Primary 223 GB 32 KB * Partition 2 Unknown 10 GB 223 GB DISKPART> select part 2 Partition 2 is now the selected partition. DISKPART> detail part Partition 2 Type : AF Hidden: Yes # notice this? should it be hidden? probably yes... Active: No There is no volume associated with this partition. DISKPART> that’s about all i can think of right now.. i hope this stays reletively fresh and some one has an idea what’s wrong… p.s: i can post more info if needed. One more thing, I think maybe the fact that on the osx installation disk util i can only see the ntfs part is a bit strange! and the fact that it's showing the hd as 128GB only and not 256 might tell us something .. maybe it can't read after the first 128GB when looking for available partitions? because the partition i'm creating is actually in the other half of the 256 a bit close to the end (at the end actually!) ... i've tried formatting the destination partition to loads of types and it doesn't recognize any! i think that's most likely the problem.. now what could be the solution (besides installing on a new drive since i have no other ide slots available to use (i have only 1 ! the other ones are sata).. do you think i could get away wiv resizing in the beginning ? like put the osx partition first and then the xp pro one ?