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  1. Hi, I was wondering since Workstation 9 added OpenGL functionalities to their virtual graphics for linux guest, could that be used to enable QE/CI ? Quartz Extreme seems to only be using OpenGL cf wikipedia: "Quartz Extreme only uses OpenGL commands, and requires a graphics card connected to an AGP 2X or faster bus (including AGP 4X, 8X, and PCI Express), supporting textures and maps of arbitrary size, since many of the renderers have no size limitation (Quartz 2D for example).It is automatically enabled on Mac systems with one of the following types of graphics cards: AMD (ATI) Radeon, AGP-based, 16MB VRAM minimum, or better // NVIDIA GeForce2 MX, 16MB VRAM minimum, or better". I'd love to see more love dedicated to graphic support of OSX in VMs. Could even use it to debug my IOS apps without switching to my mac. Good luck Zenith and I'm hoping to see next version of your drivers soon! Is there a google project or similar with last sources since last files on SourceForge are a bit old now.