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  1. I think you have your drives incorrectly formatted. They might be HFS+, but they might have a PowerPC partition table. Load up Disk Utility and look at the details of the drive. The Partition Map Scheme has to be GUID, so that you can boot OS X with an Intel Mac. When you re-partition the drive, select "Options..." -> "GUID" and then partition. This should allow the drives to be bootable with a system.
  2. Which MacBook Pro to buy?

    The ones you cannot see on the Apple website, means they have been phased out. I highly recommend getting the June 2009 model if you can afford it. The main reasons would be the battery life and better LCD. My 15" is able to last 6-7 hours on a single charge, this is will lower performance settings. Secondly an SSD should be purchased separately, as they are normally cheaper and faster than the Apple option. I tend to look at the OCZ Vertex, which has some pretty good firmware updates, which boost performance of the drive. Another option would be getting the Intel SSD, but this one costs more than the OC Z.
  3. I would buy a black MacBook top case and replace the keys.
  4. Macbook Internal USB Ports?

    The iSight port is very hard to access, since it's a part of the display cable. I suggest using the Bluetooth port, since you can splice the cable to gain access.
  5. My new Power Mac G4 867 MHz

    The lower two buttons are the reset button and the programmer button. The programmer button is normally used when you update the firmware.
  6. I have a Linksys WRT54GL router, which is running the DD-WRT firmware. You can run the VPN right off the router. It works very well for me and the router is pretty cheap.
  7. Why do you really care about the boot time? I just put all my Macs to sleep when I don't need them. That means I don't even need to start them up! On average I do reboot my MacBook every two weeks or so. I remember there was once where my up timer said 2 months on my old 12" PowerBook!
  8. Connect all the cables, close the lid on the MacBook and wait for it to sleep. With the lid still closed, use the remote to wake up the MacBook. This should set the TV as the primary monitor and disable the internal monitor.
  9. xp on apple TV ?

    Can winblows MCE even boot up with only 256mb ram?
  10. Apple TV Can I use as a system?

    You must be kidding. With only 256mb ram, I'd throw it out of the window before it can even finish loading the system. Save yourself the pain and get a mini instead.
  11. My Hackintosh AppleTV HTPC

  12. My Hackintosh AppleTV HTPC

    I built it from scratch, so I purposely left out the screen. Don't really need it for an HTMac and it reduces the cost.
  13. My Hackintosh AppleTV HTPC

    Interesting setup. I just put together a MacBook without a screen as my HTPC. Connected to a Sony Wega tube via S-video and using an optical cable for the audio. I still haven't had time to get Front Row 2.0 to work on it. My previous 1.25 eMac just didn't cut it on H.264, MKV and mp4 files.
  14. watercooling systems

    They don't, installing a PC into a G5 or Mac Pro is a, start from scratch, custom job.
  15. g5 case people: dvd drive question

    If you want to have a perfect fit, you're best off getting them from Apple.