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  1. Is there any way to use AppleIntelInfo,kext tool from pikeralpha on old hardware such as LGA775?
  2. Wow! That worked for me too, KWS! I was able to boot into 10.12.5 using MacPro3,1 Board -ID and SMBIOS of iMac10,1. Found the perfect combo to get AGPMEnabler. ricoc90, you should try this if you had better performance prior to changing sysdef to use GT 710 in 10.12.5. MaLd0n, iMac10,1 sysdef now works with my graphics card. Now I have native power management? Fan still running pretty loud... feel like I'm getting closer though!
  3. Still don't see AGPM... should I change sysdef again or is there something else i should do.? I am on MacPro3,1 now. Thank you! ioreg 6-4-17.ioreg.zip
  4. Is this it? I haven't done anything else with Clover with P and C states?
  5. That worked! I've tried loading HWSensors to check fan speeds, but all I see are HDD temp and battery levels on my BT devices. How can I see more, and also have more power parameters? Fan still running loud. How to generate P and C states? Getting closer. Thanks to everybody for the advice!
  6. I've never edited DSDT before. What should I do?
  7. This is the last thing I see before the screen goes black when I try to boot with imac11,1 What do you think? So, it does actually boot, and it appears the the driver loads too, but the display will not load. Here is a view from Screen Sharing from my MBP. So now i think it has something to do with the graphics driver, but I'm not sure why. Here is another screenshot from Screen Sharing.
  8. The only other sysdef that doesn't give me black screen halfway through boot is iMac 14,1... I have tried to go as far back as 10,1. What do you recommend? How to generate p and c states? I really appreciate your support!
  9. Thank you!!! USB works fine since it is before 3.0. Was able to boot. Looks like you also changed the theme. CPU fan still runs loud. How can I check if I have native power management?
  10. Hi MaLd0n, First post on this forum in nearly 10 years! I started way back in 2006 with an AMD using the deadmoo image I managed to install Sierra on a pretty good working recycled desktop that I saved from the trash. Added an updated CPU and a cheapy video card and it works pretty well. Now, I would like to try to perfect the Power Management so that it runs more efficient/ecological. Can you please help? I have attached what you usually ask for. MB: Foxconn H-I41-uATX Eton DISK: OSX is on ssd 65gb CPU: Intel core2 quad q8400 stock speed Chipset: Intel G41 Express RAM: 4 GB 1333mhz DDR3 ram (2+2GB sticks) GPU: EVGA GT710 1GB LAN: RTL8169 Thanks so much in advance and I'm happy to buy you a beer! Send me.zip CLOVER.zip Ioreg.zip
  11. well you guys are pretty mac-knowledgeable so i figured somebody could use a few sticks of macbook ram for something.... 15 a piece.... make an offer or send me questions.... thanks drew
  12. Hi, sorry I've been away from the internet for a while, yeah its PCIE and it works great in OSX. Any offers? Thanks Drew
  13. this is the same as my last thread except ive cut the price down to $50 shipped... i need to sell this card fast any offers drew